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The Hillary Reynolds Band

A couple weekends ago I flew out to Massachusetts where I then hopped in a car full of instruments and musicians and drove to a coastal town called Westport. We showed up at sunset to this beautiful home, I could have just stayed there - beautiful woodwork, wonderful lighting, 3 fireplaces and a mile walk from the ocean -- a photographers heaven. I spent the whole weekend at this house with Hillary Reynolds and her talented band (along with the ever amazing Violet from LA who did hair and make up and haircuts for all!) we cooked meals together, built fires, played music and drank wine and I documented the whole weekend. The Hillary Reynolds Band is currently working on their second full length and wanted photographs of them in a place where they often come to write, rehearse and just get out to the city and relax, here is a collection of the images that I captured during my weekend with them. HRB_blog_00HRB_blog_01HRB_blog_02HRB_blog_03HRB_blog_04HRB_blog_05HRB_blog_06HRB_blog_07HRB_blog_08HRB_blog_09HRB_blog_10HRB_blog_11HRB_blog_12HRB_blog_13HRB_blog_14HRB_blog_15HRB_blog_16HRB_blog_17HRB_blog_18HRB_blog_19HRB_blog_20HRB_blog_21HRB_blog_22HRB_blog_23HRB_blog_24HRB_blog_25HRB_blog_26HRB_blog_27HRB_blog_28HRB_blog_29HRB_blog_30HRB_blog_31HRB_blog_32HRB_blog_33HRB_blog_34HRB_blog_35HRB_blog_36HRB_blog_37HRB_blog_38HRB_blog_39HRB_blog_40HRB_blog_41HRB_blog_42HRB_blog_43HRB_blog_44HRB_blog_45HRB_blog_46HRB_blog_47HRB_blog_48HRB_blog_49HRB_blog_50HRB_blog_51HRB_blog_52HRB_blog_53HRB_blog_54HRB_blog_55HRB_blog_56HRB_blog_57

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