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Nora Turns 10

Nora turned 10 on June 3rd - to me this was a big one, I’ve had this little lady in front of my camera since she was a baby. I spent a few days a week with her as a small child, taking her to Victory Cafe for baby lattes (which was very lightly steamed milk) I took her to the Children’s Museum and would shoot a few rolls of film of her exploring the space - I travelled with her family to Colorado as well as Namibia - still two of my favorite trips to this day. Basically Nora has been a part of my life now for 10 years and I love her and her family dearly, I look up to this families way of life, this magical gatherings of folks- they have built a lovely home and space for gatherings and I always leave feeling inspired and refreshed after some time in the Gagnon home. So when Sarah asked me to do a session with them before and during Nora’s 10th birthday party, I was very excited. Below is a collection of images of the Gagnon family and then the beginning of Nora’s camp out birthday party.

Audre Krull
B and Maria's Madison Wedding

In the fall of 2017 I got an email from B’s mom asking if I could document her son proposing to his girlfriend - I had never photographed a proposal and it was such a wonderful thing to witness. A few months after that I was able to meet up again with these two to photograph some engagement photographs at the Edgewood Campus, which is where these two met. On June 1st, 2019 I got to witness and document these two get married - there was not a dry eye during that ceremony - it was a beautiful day.

Courtney and Steve's Madison Garden wedding

Perfect weather, a wedding dress with pockets, a photoshoot at the Arboretum and vows exchanged in a little garden on campus followed by an incredible meal, speeches that made everyone cry and an epic dance party. Courtney and Steve planned a wonderful day to celebrate their life together and I am so glad I was there to document it all.

Audre Krull
Chris and Jessica's Chicago Brunch Wedding

This wedding was a real treat to be invited to document - with being 1 of the 35 people they had witness their wedding, I felt so thankful to be there. I really loved every minute of this day, from their first look to the wonderful Uber driver who was so happy to be driving a bride and groom to their wedding she may have missed a turn of 2, to Jess and Chris having a cup of coffee together in the Little Goat Diner before their rooftop ceremony to the ceremony itself (so many tears and then so much laughter) to every bite of food I got (seriously go to Little Goat next time you are in Chicago) and finishing off the day with a walk with the newly married couple for some photographs. Jess and Chris are incredible and I am so grateful they picked me to photograph this day.

Audre Krull
The Rajala Family in the Spring

I have gotten a few opportunities to photograph this beautiful family but this photoshoot was the first time in their new home. I went over to their new home a few weeks ago and spent a few hours with my camera as they lived their lives. My favorite way to photograph - witnessing what is in front of me and documenting it, no retouching just real life.

Audre Krull
The Beck Family

I was there when these two started dating, I stood up in their wedding, I sang a song at their wedding, I photographed them when they were pregnant, I photographed Ruby when she was born and now Ruby is two, Amy and Dan are making their dream home in my old neighborhood and I get to watch Ruby grow and continue to photograph it. Last month after we were all stuffed from turkey and mashed potatoes I went with the Becks to start the Christmas season off - we went to a tree sale, picked up some peppermint lattes and I documented them decorating their tree - It was a real good day and I love this family a whole lot.

Audre Krull
The Lang Family

It’s always hard to leave the Lang’s home - they always seem to have fresh coffee, homemade goodies and wonderful conversation and I’m grateful for their friendship and for the opportunity to document their days together. A few weeks ago I went over with my camera for some fresh coffee, homemade bread and fort building.

The Heidemann Family

It’s no secret that I love children, I love spending time with them and I love to photograph them. When I was younger and I imagined my life as a photographer I imagined traveling the world to spend time with children and document their lives. Lately my favorite thing to photograph is families living their lives together and last month I got together with the Heidemann family right after their 2nd son, Adler was born and I got to spend sometime following them around with my camera - it was a really good day and Ezra, their two year old was real fun to hang out with.

Simon & Leah's Engagement Session

My afternoon with Simon and Leah started at one of our favorite places in Madison, Mickey’s Tavern - we caught up over cocktails and they played a few rounds of cribbage (Leah totally won) before we headed off to the woods. I like these two, in fact I have been a fan of Simon’s music for years - if you don’t know it, check him out: - he is incredibly talented and when these two reached out to have me photograph their wedding I felt so honored that they wanted me there. So enjoy these adorable moments between these two, check out Simon’s music and come hang out with me at his shows.

Audre Krull
Lisa & Evan's Engagement session

A cloudy and misting Sunday afternoon was spent with Lisa and Evan exploring the UW Arboretum - one of my favorite places to photograph in the fall. Lisa and Evan are lovely people, like really lovely and I am so glad I got the chance to meet them and get to know them and I am really excited to document their backyard wedding next June. Enjoy these images of them being the cutest ever.

Audre Krull
Ashley and Jake's Bowery Barn Wedding

Ashley and Jake share so much love and not just for one another but for the people they have in their lives. I was blown away by all the little touches these two had for their friends and their family on their wedding day. Every person in the wedding party I got to talk to, I got to hear about their friendship with the couple, how long they have known the couple and it was so wonderful to hear. With the timeline slightly off, when Ashley told me she wanted to give gifts to her wedding party before putting her dress on and in all honesty, the timeline went off in my head but I am so beyond glad that we took the time to do this - it was an honest slap in the face for me documenting this moment, watching her ladies read the words Ashley sat down and wrote to them, watching the Mothers open their gifts and have their eyes instantly filled with tears and watching Ashley go around the whole room hugging each of her women and thank them for being here with her reminded me of why I do this and why I am so grateful to meet and work with people like Ashley and Jake. This day was wonderful, filled with so many people who love and support this couple, a beautiful ceremony outdoors, an epic dance party and late night cheese curds - couldn’t have a better night in Wisconsin. I had a wonderful second shooter with me on this day, Nikki Hanson.

Audre Krull
Andy and Lisa's Blackhawk Wedding

Andy was once my upstairs neighbor, so when these two emailed me to photograph their wedding, I knew it would be a beautiful day to be apart of. Andy and Lisa wanted an outdoor wedding and it was a little chilly this day but they had it outdoors and I am so glad they did - it was so beautiful and intimate. They also decided to wait and see each other as she walked down the aisle, a rare thing these days and watching Andy’s reaction when he saw Lisa I’m pretty sure brought everyone to tears. This day was wonderful, this day was so full of love and joy and I really enjoyed being both a witness and the one to document it. Congrats Lisa and Andy, you two are lovely and your friends and families are all gems.