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Olivia & Brian's Engagement Session

Olivia and Brian were in town from Chicago for a wedding so we met up on Sunday morning for some coffee and stroll around Madison. These two were wonderful to work with, Brian makes Olivia laugh about every 2 minutes and I loved being there to document it! Can’t wait for their Chicago wedding next fall.

Audre Krull
Annie and Zach's Tumbledown Barn Wedding

I have known Annie and Zach as Annie and Zach for about 10 years, I got to live with Annie for a year back when we were both in college and her and Zach now take care of my favorite cat on the planet, Gomez. Their wedding day was hot but it really didn’t matter because it was a wonderful celebration of these two exchanging vows and I am so grateful I was there to both witness and document this party.

Audre Krull
Courtney & Steve’s Engagement Session

I met up with Courtney and Steve at Courtney’s work campus where they have a weekly farmers market and lovely trails to walking through. We started with the market since it’s something they do on a weekly basis and then we hit the trails trying to not get eaten alive by mosquitos and they took a break for a quick popsicle - these two are lovely, even with the terrible mosquitos we all had fun and I’m really looking forward to their spring wedding in 2019!

Audre Krull
Jameson turns 1

I love it when my wedding couples continue to let me document their lives - Laura and Aaron have been in front of my camera 4 times now and a few weeks ago we got to celebrate their son Jameson, who turned 1! Thank goodness Jameson finds swatting at mosquitos funny, for we were all being eaten alive but we still managed to get some lovely photos of this sweet sweet family.

Audre Krull
Izzy and Ben's Wedding

A hot August day, Madison is flooding and these two get married on a rooftop. Izzy and Ben live in Chicago but picked Madison as the place to get married because this is where they met - their friends and family all traveled in from all over the country to witness these two get hitched, for Ben to take Izzy’s last name and to dance the freaking night away on the rooftop of the art museum. I love my job, I love these two and I’m so grateful Izzy and Ben hired me to be apart of this epic gathering.

Audre Krull
Kaylee & Nate's Wedding

4 weeks before Kaylee and Nate’s wedding and they got a call from their wedding venue saying they could no longer host their wedding - that is stressful, yes, maybe even a bit of a nightmare for most, but it all worked out, a wonderful venue happened to have this one date open Bowery Barn - a new and beautiful space. Kaylee and Nate planned a new wedding in just 4 weeks, they exchanged their vows, made everyone cry, had the perfect weather and an epic dance party. When I showed up to start photographing, everything was so calm, everyone was just hanging out and that really was how the whole day felt - not a stress in the world, just two people with their people hanging out and exchanging vows. It was perfect.

Alyssa & Robb's Wedding Day

After this wedding I went back to my hotel room and sat down and tried to write out how I was feeling - I knew writing this blog was going to be hard because I would want to write out a novel of why this day was so great, I’ll try to get to the point. Alyssa and Robb have been a family since day one, in fact I am pretty sure they talked about having children on their first date. These two are wonderful parents to a sweet boy named Beckett and their wedding day was a celebrations of what they have and will continue to have for each other - love, support, a partner and a family. There wasn’t a dry eye throughout the day (you guessed it, mine included) every moment felt warm and fuzzy, everything - I was on a cloud photographing this story, photographing their love for one another, photographing the support of their friends and their family. I love these two, I’m happy I get to call them my friends and I am so freaking happy they found each other.

Audre Krull
Elyse and Chris

I honestly don't even know how to put in words how wonderful this wedding was. These two have been together for over 10 years, they live and work in my hometown (Elyse actually teaches art at my old high school) and they got married in Door County at a place where they started falling in love back in College - Bjorklunden a beautiful space that is connected with Lawrence University and it is right on Lake Michigan. You will be able to see in the photographs how happy everyone was to be apart of this wedding, you will see their personalities shine in the photos and you should just know that the party was as fun as it looks. Luke and I ended up staying the night and joining in when we stopped photographing and that was indeed the best decision we could have made. Love these two and I am so happy to have been apart of this wedding. 

Audre Krull
Ash and Jake's Engagement Session

I met up with Ash and Jake right before our trip to Ghana to do their engagement photographs and it was the best! We originally wanted to camp at Devil's Lake for this session but with our schedules it wasn't working out so we instead met at Lion's Den Gorge right outside of Milwaukee and it was so stunning it gave me goosebumps! I loved working with these two and their dog is my favorite and I can't wait for their wedding this fall! 

Audre Krull
Nick and Julianne's Madison Wedding

A week after getting back from Ghana, I had the privilege of being apart of  Nick and Julianne's wedding day at two of my favorite spaces in Madison - The Gates of Heaven and High Noon Saloon. It was honestly such a beautiful day filled with so much love and emotion, witnessing Nick and Julianne's first look was such a beautiful moment, seeing Nick's face as she walked down the aisle was perfection, watching the reality of their commitment to each other sync in after the ceremony was a highlight, walking from Gates of Heaven to grab a drink at Forequarter just the two of them was a really good idea and walking to High Noon was also just so great - I could go on talking about how amazing with every single moment of this day was but really I just want to say - I love my job, I love these two and I am so happy for them and so thankful they picked me to document this day. 


Audre Krull
Izzy & Ben's Engagement Session

I am pretty dang lucky with the folks who find and hire me to photograph them - these two are pretty great and had the best time photographing their engagement session. This session was a few months ago but with my travels to Ghana I'm a bit behind on my blogs. Izzy and Ben will be getting married later this month and I am really looking forward to spending another day with them. 

Audre Krull
Vandenberg Family

A few weeks back I traveled to Appleton to photograph the Vandenberg family. I've known Sam and Todd since I was a wee child so getting to document them be parents is kind of wonderful and they do make real great kids. 

Audre Krull
Colleen and Tom

A perfect spring afternoon in St. Paul, MN spent with these two and their beautiful community. A few of my highlights from this wedding include the fact that Colleen didn't wear any makeup, watching Tom and Colleen look at each other, that both her and Tom's parents are adorable and so in love it made me teary eyed on a few times that day and that Colleen did a Mother & Daughter dance that was perfect.

This day was great and I loved working with these two. 

The Gilbert Family

Family sessions are becoming my new favorite, spending time in a families home documenting their relationships is a pretty wonderful way to spend a day.

A morning with this lovely family from a few weeks back.

Audre Krull
Katherine & John's Milwaukee Wedding

I never know how to express how I feel about weddings in just a few short sentences on my blog because i feel like it's one of those 'you have to be there' sort of things. This one, oh these two, I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that my cry count on this one was high, So many beautiful moments, so many wonderful people, so much support and love with this group of people it was hard to keep it in for me. This wedding was a good one, I had my very best friend all the way from Missoula, Abi of This Is Soul by my side shooting and we had a lovely time documenting the day that John and Katherine got married. 

Sonja & Alex's White Sands Engagement Session

When Sonja, Alex and I were discussing their wedding they talked about getting married at the White Sands National Monument but it was becoming too complicated so we decided to meet there for an engagement session instead! They flew from Seattle, I flew from Madison and we met for a quick 30 hour trip with a full day in this beautiful place.

Kaylee & Nathan's Winter Engagement

I met up with Kaylee and Nathan at one of their favorite spots in Madison followed by a walk at Picnic Point on a drizzling, foggy January day and it was kind of perfect. I loved photographing these two, they weren't distracted by my camera at all and enjoyed an afternoon together and I had so much fun! Can't wait for their wedding this summer!

Jessica & Andy's Winter Wedding

It was cold but it didn't matter for these two! Jessica had her eye on this chapel for years knowing that one day she would get married there and on January 6th at sunset she married her best friend next to a roaring fire surrounded by all of their loved ones. I loved this day, a day filled with so much love and joy, there was so much thought put into every moment and Jessica and Andy braved the cold for photographs. After they ceremony in Oshkosh, we all drove to Neenah to Zuppas where the celebration continued with a wonderful meal, beautiful speeches and a table full of homemade pies and chocolates! Jessica and Andy, I am so happy you picked me to document this day, I am so happy for the two of you!

Ari and Matt's California Wedding

I had the privilege to travel out to San Diego, CA to both witness and photograph my dear cousin, Ari's wedding. The intimate gathering of friends and family up on a mountain started with a yoga session followed by arranging bouquets while sipping mimosas and coffee while another group transformed a garage into a fancy dinner location. The community that surrounded this could on this day was beautiful to be apart of and watch, I am so glad I got to welcome Matt to our (crazy) family and dance the night away under the moon with everyone. I am so beyond happy for these two and their great adventure together, with their next big adventure expected top arrive this spring! Congratulations Ari and Matt.