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James & Elise's Colorado Wedding

A highlight of my summer was traveling out west to hike in the mountains, spend a few days living in a tiny house and documenting this wedding. I've known Elise since the 3rd grade, so it was very exciting when she contacted me to come shoot her wedding - getting to know these two through this last year has been wonderful, seeing her family and friends again was a nice reunion and this day was perfection. I cried more than the photographer should, I had goosebumps from the way these to love not only each other but their families and their friends - it was an honor to be up on that mountain witnessing their vows.

Hillary & Ted's Wisconsin Wedding

Truth is I've been sitting on this blog for 2 days now, I've done this because the love I have for this day is hard for me to put into words. I have been blessed to know Hillary and Ted since middle school, I watched their love grow into what it is today and I am so thankful that I got to be the one to document their wedding day. As I pulled up to Ted's family cabin and when I came in and saw Hillary, I got choked up -- it was the day that Hillary and Ted get married and I knew it was going to be magic from start to finish. You guys, I was right, from their first look and cribbage game, to the light and words during the ceremony, to everyone ever singing beautifully on the back porch including the lovely bride and her band, Peridot to the meal being one from one of my favorite caterers, Heirloom Kitchen, to the many amazing toasts to the father daughter dance where Hillary's Grandpa sang to Ted's Mom Singing to Ted's Dad playing Trumpet to Hillary's family band making the dance party happen. I would photograph this day everyday. Hillary and Ted, you two are gems, your love is magic, your family and friends are the best and I am so grateful I know you both, thank you for having me at your wedding, in the words of Hillary, love you more,

Audre Rae

Jenny & Bobby - Garden Wedding

Madison is filled with wonderful people and Jenny & Bobby are two of those gems. I had the chance to meet these two last summer for coffee to chat wedding and then again at their dear friends Maddie and Bret's wedding (another pair of wonderful people) and we all hit it off - So when these two wanted me to document their day, I got really excited. These two were so much fun during their engagement session last fall and since then I couldn't wait to be apart of their day. Their wedding was wonderful, I think I cried a total of 10 times, these two are so filled with love for each other and their family and friends are all so wonderful and supportive and really fun people. If I could, I would do this day all over again because it was really just a perfect day. jenbob_blogfinal-000jenbob_blogfinal-001jenbob_blogfinal-002jenbob_blogfinal-003jenbob_blogfinal-004jenbob_blogfinal-005jenbob_blogfinal-006jenbob_blogfinal-007jenbob_blogfinal-008jenbob_blogfinal-009jenbob_blogfinal-010jenbob_blogfinal-011jenbob_blogfinal-012jenbob_blogfinal-013jenbob_blogfinal-014jenbob_blogfinal-015jenbob_blogfinal-016jenbob_blogfinal-017jenbob_blogfinal-018jenbob_blogfinal-019jenbob_blogfinal-020jenbob_blogfinal-021jenbob_blogfinal-022jenbob_blogfinal-023jenbob_blogfinal-024jenbob_blogfinal-025jenbob_blogfinal-026jenbob_blogfinal-027jenbob_blogfinal-028jenbob_blogfinal-029jenbob_blogfinal-030jenbob_blogfinal-031jenbob_blogfinal-032jenbob_blogfinal-033jenbob_blogfinal-034jenbob_blogfinal-035jenbob_blogfinal-036jenbob_blogfinal-037jenbob_blogfinal-038jenbob_blogfinal-039jenbob_blogfinal-040jenbob_blogfinal-041jenbob_blogfinal-042jenbob_blogfinal-043jenbob_blogfinal-044jenbob_blogfinal-045jenbob_blogfinal-046jenbob_blogfinal-047jenbob_blogfinal-048jenbob_blogfinal-049jenbob_blogfinal-050jenbob_blogfinal-051jenbob_blogfinal-052jenbob_blogfinal-053jenbob_blogfinal-054

Caroline & Peter's Backyard Wedding.

Caroline & Peter were married in Caroline's Mothers backyard followed by an epic dance party at High Noon Saloon on the summer solstice, June 21st -- a day that started out with rain but ending in being a perfect day of summer. The setting was stunning, they were married by Caroline's father next to a beautiful willow tree, followed by an amazing fish fry by Underground Catering, yard games and a party bus to take everyone to High Noon Saloon for some dessert, drinks and dancing. It was a wonderful day to be apart of, Caroline and Peter come from amazing families and have a wonderful group of friends who all traveled from all over to be witnesses for these two. Enjoy these images: 2014-07-14_00012014-07-14_00022014-07-14_00032014-07-14_00042014-07-14_00052014-07-14_00062014-07-14_00072014-07-14_00082014-07-14_00092014-07-14_00102014-07-14_00112014-07-14_00122014-07-14_00132014-07-14_00142014-07-14_00152014-07-14_00162014-07-14_00172014-07-14_00182014-07-14_00192014-07-14_00202014-07-14_00212014-07-14_00222014-07-14_00232014-07-14_00242014-07-14_00252014-07-14_00262014-07-14_00272014-07-14_00282014-07-14_00292014-07-14_00302014-07-14_00312014-07-14_00332014-07-14_00342014-07-14_00352014-07-14_00362014-07-14_00372014-07-14_00382014-07-14_00392014-07-14_00402014-07-14_00412014-07-14_00422014-07-14_00432014-07-14_00442014-07-14_00452014-07-14_00462014-07-14_00482014-07-14_00472014-07-14_00492014-07-14_00502014-07-14_00512014-07-14_00522014-07-14_00532014-07-14_00542014-07-14_00552014-07-14_00562014-07-14_00572014-07-14_00582014-07-14_00592014-07-14_00602014-07-14_00612014-07-14_00622014-07-14_00632014-07-14_00642014-07-14_00652014-07-14_00662014-07-14_00672014-07-14_00682014-07-14_00692014-07-14_00702014-07-14_00712014-07-14_00722014-07-14_00732014-07-14_00742014-07-14_00752014-07-14_00762014-07-14_0077



Isak & Clara's Wedding

On March 1st in Horred, Sweden I documented Isak & Clara's wedding celebration. A car full of girls picked me up in the morning and drove to the next city over to go to the salon where Clara got her hair done and her girls got ready in the waiting area. When we returned to Horred we went to the apartment for Clara to put on her wedding dress that her now sister-in-law made for her and we left the place for Isak and Clara to share their first look alone, as much as I love documenting that moment, sometimes moments are meant to be shared alone and I love that I wasn't invited. It called for rain but it never came, we drove to a few locations for images before the ceremony and made it to the church with 1 minute to spare --- The ceremony was beautiful, although I didn't know what was going on since it was all in Swedish, but there were still moment where my eyes filled with tears and I found myself laughing with everyone (luckily they translated the program for me so I didn't miss the kiss). After the ceremony, Isak, Clara and myself went to a few more places for photographs but made it quickly to the reception where guest were waiting to greet them. There was an amazing dinner was made by Clara, Isak and their families and served by friends. The rest of the evening was spent listening to stories of the couple, songs their family and friends wrote and a little dance between the new married couple -- a beautiful day filled with so much laughter and quite a few tears as well -- this couple has such a beautiful community surrounding them and it was a beautiful day to be apart of. sweden2_blog_000sweden2_blog_001sweden2_blog_002sweden2_blog_003sweden2_blog_004sweden2_blog_005sweden2_blog_006sweden2_blog_007sweden2_blog_008sweden2_blog_009sweden2_blog_010sweden2_blog_011sweden2_blog_012sweden2_blog_013sweden2_blog_014sweden2_blog_015sweden2_blog_016sweden2_blog_017sweden2_blog_018sweden2_blog_020sweden2_blog_021sweden2_blog_022sweden2_blog_023sweden2_blog_024sweden2_blog_025sweden2_blog_026sweden2_blog_027sweden2_blog_028sweden2_blog_029sweden2_blog_030sweden2_blog_031sweden2_blog_032sweden2_blog_033sweden2_blog_034sweden2_blog_035sweden2_blog_036sweden2_blog_037sweden2_blog_038sweden2_blog_039sweden2_blog_040sweden2_blog_041sweden2_blog_042sweden2_blog_043sweden2_blog_044sweden2_blog_045sweden2_blog_046sweden2_blog_047sweden2_blog_048sweden2_blog_049sweden2_blog_050sweden2_blog_051sweden2_blog_052sweden2_blog_053sweden2_blog_055sweden2_blog_056sweden2_blog_057sweden2_blog_058sweden2_blog_059sweden2_blog_060sweden2_blog_061sweden2_blog_062sweden2_blog_063sweden2_blog_064sweden2_blog_065sweden2_blog_066sweden2_blog_067sweden2_blog_068sweden2_blog_069sweden2_blog_070sweden2_blog_071sweden2_blog_072sweden2_blog_073sweden2_blog_074sweden2_blog_075sweden2_blog_076sweden2_blog_077sweden2_blog_078sweden2_blog_079sweden2_blog_080sweden2_blog_082sweden2_blog_083sweden2_blog_084sweden2_blog_085sweden2_blog_086sweden2_blog_087sweden2_blog_088sweden2_blog_089sweden2_blog_090sweden2_blog_091sweden2_blog_092

Tricia & Colin's Madison Wedding

I woke up the morning of the 22nd to the sound of rain, and it rained until 12 and then became a perfect day for a wedding (90 was a bit hot, but we survived). I have always wanted to document a wedding at the Pres House, and I was so excited when I found out that was where these lovely two were getting married - a beautiful couple, wonderful friends and families and amazing Madison venues - all in all, it was a great day.

Sylvia & Pierre - Chicago Wedding

A beautiful wedding at 11am, followed by a delicious lunch and an afternoon dance party, finishing up on a boat for a 2nd dance party. A day that started out raining, ending in a beautiful sunny day. It was a wonderful day filled with many people who have traveled far to celebrate with these two, I had my dear friend Abi of AKPhotography come from Missoula to help me document this day.

Katie and Ben's Desert Wedding.

I had the opportunity to go to Phoenix, Arizona to shoot Katie and Ben's wedding at the Botanical Gardens- it was a perfect day, even if the high was 108. I love when I get the chance to travel with weddings, to get out of the midwest and to photograph in a different landscape, it is inspiring and it is why I love my job so much. These two had a perfect day, filled with family and friends and love, we had a wonderful time exploring the gardens for photographs.