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The Lang Family

It’s always hard to leave the Lang’s home - they always seem to have fresh coffee, homemade goodies and wonderful conversation and I’m grateful for their friendship and for the opportunity to document their days together. A few weeks ago I went over with my camera for some fresh coffee, homemade bread and fort building.

Lisa and Andy

We almost rescheduled because it was a rainy day but I am so glad we risked the rain because we got some cozy photographs of these two! We started this shoot at an Irish Pub Lisa and Andy frequent which is fitting since Andy proposed to Lisa on the recent trip to Ireland. After the Pub, we went to their gym where they both practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and they showed me some moves and then we ended by the lake for the sunset. These two are getting married next September and I cannot wait to get them in front of my camera again!

Katherine & John's engagement session

Katherine and John made their engagement session a walk down memory lane - starting with The Mason Lounge, where they had their first official date ending with the Edgewood boardwalks, where John proposed! These two told me they have never gotten their pictures professionally taken, like ever - I think they did a real good job being in front of the camera together and I look forward to being apart of their wedding day this coming spring!


Chelly & Mark's Madison Engagement

I love when I come home from a session and Luke asks me how it goes and my answer is “ah, so good, this couple is amazing and I want to be their friends” Chelly and Mark was exactly that. It was honestly hard to stop having a conversation and take photographs because they have such interesting lives and I wanted to hear more about Mark's travels and Chelly's time in the Peace Corps. I also love that I get some many couples who love to travel, travel is such an important part of my life and getting to connect with other people who feel the same is so great. Chelly and Mark were in town for the holidays for they both live and work in D.C, with their flight the next day we were lucky to get a nice day for a winter session (nice in Madison in January is 40 degrees). We met for tea at Lakeside Coffee, and went for a walk on the frozen lake. These two will be exchanging vows next fall at Tenney Park and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them.

Kovacic Family

A few years ago I photographed the Kovacic family, at the time their youngest, Mike was just born - a few weeks ago I got to go back to their lovely home and photograph them again. I love getting the chance to grow with families, and document their ages as they continue to grow up - this family was lovely to work with.  


Jenny & Bobby - Garden Wedding

Madison is filled with wonderful people and Jenny & Bobby are two of those gems. I had the chance to meet these two last summer for coffee to chat wedding and then again at their dear friends Maddie and Bret's wedding (another pair of wonderful people) and we all hit it off - So when these two wanted me to document their day, I got really excited. These two were so much fun during their engagement session last fall and since then I couldn't wait to be apart of their day. Their wedding was wonderful, I think I cried a total of 10 times, these two are so filled with love for each other and their family and friends are all so wonderful and supportive and really fun people. If I could, I would do this day all over again because it was really just a perfect day. jenbob_blogfinal-000jenbob_blogfinal-001jenbob_blogfinal-002jenbob_blogfinal-003jenbob_blogfinal-004jenbob_blogfinal-005jenbob_blogfinal-006jenbob_blogfinal-007jenbob_blogfinal-008jenbob_blogfinal-009jenbob_blogfinal-010jenbob_blogfinal-011jenbob_blogfinal-012jenbob_blogfinal-013jenbob_blogfinal-014jenbob_blogfinal-015jenbob_blogfinal-016jenbob_blogfinal-017jenbob_blogfinal-018jenbob_blogfinal-019jenbob_blogfinal-020jenbob_blogfinal-021jenbob_blogfinal-022jenbob_blogfinal-023jenbob_blogfinal-024jenbob_blogfinal-025jenbob_blogfinal-026jenbob_blogfinal-027jenbob_blogfinal-028jenbob_blogfinal-029jenbob_blogfinal-030jenbob_blogfinal-031jenbob_blogfinal-032jenbob_blogfinal-033jenbob_blogfinal-034jenbob_blogfinal-035jenbob_blogfinal-036jenbob_blogfinal-037jenbob_blogfinal-038jenbob_blogfinal-039jenbob_blogfinal-040jenbob_blogfinal-041jenbob_blogfinal-042jenbob_blogfinal-043jenbob_blogfinal-044jenbob_blogfinal-045jenbob_blogfinal-046jenbob_blogfinal-047jenbob_blogfinal-048jenbob_blogfinal-049jenbob_blogfinal-050jenbob_blogfinal-051jenbob_blogfinal-052jenbob_blogfinal-053jenbob_blogfinal-054

Melissa & Sammy

A rainy and foggy Sunday afternoon forced Sammy, Melissa and I's shoot to be indoors, luckily these two own a beautiful home right outside of Milwaukee. We poured some Whiskey, took sometime to get to know each other and I documented them in their space. These two will be getting married in a month, a small gathering on the beach followed by a reception with family - I am so looking forward to spending a few more days with these two in front of my camera!  


The Sanders & Endicott Children

A few weeks back on a Sunday afternoon I took the beautiful trip out to Monroe Wisconsin, a place everyone must visit, to meet up with a family who I have become friends with to capture some images of their 2 daughters and their 2 nephews as well. I went out in the yard with the 4 kids who all now have hung out in front of my camera a few times now to capture their ridiculousness -- enjoy. sanders_blog_000sanders_blog_001sanders_blog_002sanders_blog_003sanders_blog_004sanders_blog_005sanders_blog_006sanders_blog_007sanders_blog_008sanders_blog_009sanders_blog_010sanders_blog_011sanders_blog_012sanders_blog_013sanders_blog_014sanders_blog_015

Megan & John

Everything about this wedding was perfect, from Megan's dress (with pockets) to the beautiful venue in Minneapolis (Nicollet Island Pavilion). Megan and John now live in Hawaii and came back to the Midwest to celebrate with their friends and family, it was a wonderful ceremony, with written letters to each other that made everyone cry, to vows from The Simpsons for some comic relief. It was a great day to be apart of, filled with beautiful people to photograph.

Tucci Crew

A few weeks ago I got together with my friends Jessica and Joseph to meet their daughter Dee Dee and catch up. I've Known Jessica and Joseph since the first week I moved to Madison, they both lived in my neighborhood and we would spend many late nights on the porch listening to records that would end in a dance party. I remember when Joey proposed, I remember their lovely wedding day and now, years later they have a little girl that I get spend time with and document her life .

The Gagnon Family

A few Sunday's ago I went to see Amy and Tim, I photographed their wedding a few years back and was happy to hear they had a healthy baby girl, Esther Ann. They live in a beautiful home in Lake Mills, when I arrived Essie was sound asleep, but like all newborn shoots - that didn't last. It was the challenge of getting little Essie back to sleep, but she just wanted to hang out: