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The Lang Family 2019

I have a hard time putting my sessions into words - it’s not that I have nothing to say its more that I have too much to say and I don’t know how to put it into a blog or instagram post. I’ve known the Langs for several years now, I first heard about them after seeing some photographs they took for a mutual friend and I felt we would be kindred spirits solely based on their photography and when I finally had the chance to meet them I knew that I was correct. I’m so grateful to know Sarah and Eric and when Elsie came into the world I loved spending time with her as well. I’ve been photographing this family of 3 since Elsie was a baby and it’s honestly one of my favorite things to photograph - a family throughout the years, watching their routine change as their family changes - from sleepy mornings making coffee to evenings picking herbs for dinner and walking to get ice cream by the lake. Here is my latest session with them, about a month ago I came over to their house in the evening and tried to stay out of the way and witness their family in action.

The Gagnon Family

A few Sunday's ago I went to see Amy and Tim, I photographed their wedding a few years back and was happy to hear they had a healthy baby girl, Esther Ann. They live in a beautiful home in Lake Mills, when I arrived Essie was sound asleep, but like all newborn shoots - that didn't last. It was the challenge of getting little Essie back to sleep, but she just wanted to hang out: