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The Lang Family 2019

I have a hard time putting my sessions into words - it’s not that I have nothing to say its more that I have too much to say and I don’t know how to put it into a blog or instagram post. I’ve known the Langs for several years now, I first heard about them after seeing some photographs they took for a mutual friend and I felt we would be kindred spirits solely based on their photography and when I finally had the chance to meet them I knew that I was correct. I’m so grateful to know Sarah and Eric and when Elsie came into the world I loved spending time with her as well. I’ve been photographing this family of 3 since Elsie was a baby and it’s honestly one of my favorite things to photograph - a family throughout the years, watching their routine change as their family changes - from sleepy mornings making coffee to evenings picking herbs for dinner and walking to get ice cream by the lake. Here is my latest session with them, about a month ago I came over to their house in the evening and tried to stay out of the way and witness their family in action.

Erica & Simon's Winter Wedding

I met Erica and Simon about 6 years ago, around the time they started dating, so when these two came to me with the news of their engagement and their plans for winter wedding, I was pretty excited. Erica & Simon had a beautiful, intimate wedding at Olbrich Gardens, a 5pm ceremony in the conservatory with just their immediate family, music by Erica's little sister and their best friend Grace, who became ordained to marry them, after the ceremony there was a room full of friends ready to celebrate with them. A perfect way to celebrate these two, and I am so happy they asked me to document this wonderful day.