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Brian and Olivia's Chicago Firehouse Wedding

I’ve known Olivia for quite some time now and she has been in front of my camera before so when she reached out to me after her and Brian got engaged I was so happy she wanted me to photograph this day for them. We met up last fall for an engagement session and that was when I first got to meet Brian and watch these two together and my goodness, does Brian make Olivia laugh, they are just so happy together and I loved documenting it. On their wedding day I got to meet Brian’s daughter, Aubrey and watch the three of them together - is was honestly my favorite part of the day, catching moments of Aubrey with her dad and Aubrey with Olivia - the inside jokes, the friendship and the family - it was just the best. Plus, this venue, Firehouse Chicago was such a great venue.

Jenn Marie Photography was my second photographer for this wedding

Katherine & John's Milwaukee Wedding

I never know how to express how I feel about weddings in just a few short sentences on my blog because i feel like it's one of those 'you have to be there' sort of things. This one, oh these two, I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that my cry count on this one was high, So many beautiful moments, so many wonderful people, so much support and love with this group of people it was hard to keep it in for me. This wedding was a good one, I had my very best friend all the way from Missoula, Abi of This Is Soul by my side shooting and we had a lovely time documenting the day that John and Katherine got married. 

Jessica & Andy's Winter Wedding

It was cold but it didn't matter for these two! Jessica had her eye on this chapel for years knowing that one day she would get married there and on January 6th at sunset she married her best friend next to a roaring fire surrounded by all of their loved ones. I loved this day, a day filled with so much love and joy, there was so much thought put into every moment and Jessica and Andy braved the cold for photographs. After they ceremony in Oshkosh, we all drove to Neenah to Zuppas where the celebration continued with a wonderful meal, beautiful speeches and a table full of homemade pies and chocolates! Jessica and Andy, I am so happy you picked me to document this day, I am so happy for the two of you!

Melissa & Sam's Wedding

Years ago Sammy moved to the Milwaukee area to join the photography team at Kohl's Studio where Melissa was already a stylist, they started out as coworkers, soon became best friends but then one dinner date cooking Kung pao chicken together led to an amazing love. These two own a house outside of Milwaukee and made it their own with an incredible kitchen and a every girls dream closet.  

On Thursday, June 18th these two met at Klode Park on the shores of Lake Michigan with their immediate family members and exchanged vows in 25 MPH winds -- an epic, wonderful and intimate ceremony and I am so thankful to have been apart of it. On Saturday, June 20th we all got together again with their extended family for an amazing meal and celebration.  melsammy_FINALblog_000melsammy_FINALblog_001melsammy_FINALblog_002melsammy_FINALblog_003melsammy_FINALblog_004melsammy_FINALblog_005melsammy_FINALblog_006melsammy_FINALblog_007melsammy_FINALblog_008melsammy_FINALblog_009melsammy_FINALblog_010melsammy_FINALblog_011melsammy_FINALblog_012melsammy_FINALblog_013melsammy_FINALblog_014melsammy_FINALblog_015melsammy_FINALblog_016melsammy_FINALblog_017melsammy_FINALblog_018melsammy_FINALblog_019melsammy_FINALblog_020melsammy_FINALblog_021melsammy_FINALblog_022melsammy_FINALblog_023melsammy_FINALblog_024melsammy_FINALblog_025melsammy_FINALblog_026melsammy_FINALblog_027melsammy_FINALblog_028melsammy_FINALblog_029melsammy_FINALblog_030melsammy_FINALblog_031melsammy_FINALblog_032melsammy_FINALblog_033melsammy_FINALblog_034melsammy_FINALblog_035melsammy_FINALblog_036melsammy_FINALblog_037melsammy_FINALblog_038melsammy_FINALblog_039melsammy_FINALblog_040melsammy_FINALblog_041melsammy_FINALblog_042melsammy_FINALblog_043melsammy_FINALblog_044melsammy_FINALblog_045melsammy_FINALblog_046melsammy_FINALblog_047melsammy_FINALblog_048