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Stacy & William's Destination Wedding

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Tulum, Mexico to document Stacy & Will's wedding on a Thursday afternoon on the beach. I've been sitting on this blog all week because I couldn't figure out how to put in words how I feel about Stacy & Will and this beautiful trip we all got to experience. I am so grateful for this opportunity to document these two exchanging vows, taking tequila shots with all their lovely friends & family who all took a week off from their lives to come and celebrate these two gems, watching Will and Stacy smash so much cake in each others faces and Stacy, sweet sweet Stacy, laughing so hard about the amount of cake that is in her hair. So much love, so many drinks and dancing in the sand on a Thursday evening was a beautiful thing to document and experience, thank you Stacy and Will for having me be apart of this epic week. 

Melissa & Sam's Wedding

Years ago Sammy moved to the Milwaukee area to join the photography team at Kohl's Studio where Melissa was already a stylist, they started out as coworkers, soon became best friends but then one dinner date cooking Kung pao chicken together led to an amazing love. These two own a house outside of Milwaukee and made it their own with an incredible kitchen and a every girls dream closet.  

On Thursday, June 18th these two met at Klode Park on the shores of Lake Michigan with their immediate family members and exchanged vows in 25 MPH winds -- an epic, wonderful and intimate ceremony and I am so thankful to have been apart of it. On Saturday, June 20th we all got together again with their extended family for an amazing meal and celebration.  melsammy_FINALblog_000melsammy_FINALblog_001melsammy_FINALblog_002melsammy_FINALblog_003melsammy_FINALblog_004melsammy_FINALblog_005melsammy_FINALblog_006melsammy_FINALblog_007melsammy_FINALblog_008melsammy_FINALblog_009melsammy_FINALblog_010melsammy_FINALblog_011melsammy_FINALblog_012melsammy_FINALblog_013melsammy_FINALblog_014melsammy_FINALblog_015melsammy_FINALblog_016melsammy_FINALblog_017melsammy_FINALblog_018melsammy_FINALblog_019melsammy_FINALblog_020melsammy_FINALblog_021melsammy_FINALblog_022melsammy_FINALblog_023melsammy_FINALblog_024melsammy_FINALblog_025melsammy_FINALblog_026melsammy_FINALblog_027melsammy_FINALblog_028melsammy_FINALblog_029melsammy_FINALblog_030melsammy_FINALblog_031melsammy_FINALblog_032melsammy_FINALblog_033melsammy_FINALblog_034melsammy_FINALblog_035melsammy_FINALblog_036melsammy_FINALblog_037melsammy_FINALblog_038melsammy_FINALblog_039melsammy_FINALblog_040melsammy_FINALblog_041melsammy_FINALblog_042melsammy_FINALblog_043melsammy_FINALblog_044melsammy_FINALblog_045melsammy_FINALblog_046melsammy_FINALblog_047melsammy_FINALblog_048

Katie & Maia

It is one thing getting asked to document a couple's wedding being the beginning a friendship, it is quite different when you document a couple who you have known from the beginning, lived with for 3 years and help pick out the engagement ring and also wedding dress - being there from the beginning and then seeing my best friend who also happens to be my boyfriend marry them in front of the closest of family and friends - oh man, if I could relive that day, I would in a heartbeat. A day truly about the vows being exchanged, about the couple's journey and how this is only the beginning of a wonderful life together - as Luke put it so perfectly in the ceremony "…we bring together two travelers, two people equally at home in Madison, Mexico, or the back country of Colorado.  Equally at home alone in a cabin or tent as they are when surrounded by friends at their dinner table; a place that has seen its share of gatherings. They are two travelers, but they are travelers with a deep sense of family, of community, of generosity, and of home." I feel so blessed to have these to beautiful people in my life, enjoy the images from their wedding celebration: