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Caroline & Peter's Backyard Wedding.

Caroline & Peter were married in Caroline's Mothers backyard followed by an epic dance party at High Noon Saloon on the summer solstice, June 21st -- a day that started out with rain but ending in being a perfect day of summer. The setting was stunning, they were married by Caroline's father next to a beautiful willow tree, followed by an amazing fish fry by Underground Catering, yard games and a party bus to take everyone to High Noon Saloon for some dessert, drinks and dancing. It was a wonderful day to be apart of, Caroline and Peter come from amazing families and have a wonderful group of friends who all traveled from all over to be witnesses for these two. Enjoy these images: 2014-07-14_00012014-07-14_00022014-07-14_00032014-07-14_00042014-07-14_00052014-07-14_00062014-07-14_00072014-07-14_00082014-07-14_00092014-07-14_00102014-07-14_00112014-07-14_00122014-07-14_00132014-07-14_00142014-07-14_00152014-07-14_00162014-07-14_00172014-07-14_00182014-07-14_00192014-07-14_00202014-07-14_00212014-07-14_00222014-07-14_00232014-07-14_00242014-07-14_00252014-07-14_00262014-07-14_00272014-07-14_00282014-07-14_00292014-07-14_00302014-07-14_00312014-07-14_00332014-07-14_00342014-07-14_00352014-07-14_00362014-07-14_00372014-07-14_00382014-07-14_00392014-07-14_00402014-07-14_00412014-07-14_00422014-07-14_00432014-07-14_00442014-07-14_00452014-07-14_00462014-07-14_00482014-07-14_00472014-07-14_00492014-07-14_00502014-07-14_00512014-07-14_00522014-07-14_00532014-07-14_00542014-07-14_00552014-07-14_00562014-07-14_00572014-07-14_00582014-07-14_00592014-07-14_00602014-07-14_00612014-07-14_00622014-07-14_00632014-07-14_00642014-07-14_00652014-07-14_00662014-07-14_00672014-07-14_00682014-07-14_00692014-07-14_00702014-07-14_00712014-07-14_00722014-07-14_00732014-07-14_00742014-07-14_00752014-07-14_00762014-07-14_0077



Mike & Kate Wade

I met Mike & Kate on Skype over a year ago to get to know them as well as talk about their wedding, at the time they were both living and working in Philadelphia – Kate was working in Finance and Mike was in Fashion. After talking with these two, I felt so excited for their wedding, not only are these two sweet, beautiful and best friends but they have amazing taste. A few months after we Skyped, I met Kate & Mike in Milwaukee for their engagement session, I had so much fun wandering the city with them to capture their humor and love. Between that and their wedding, I received a letter letting me know that they had moved to New York because Mike accepted a job at Rag & Bone, a brand that I love and a very exciting job to get. After a year of change and adventure, these lovely Wisconsinites turned New Yorkers and came back on May 24th to have a very Wisconsin wedding at Mulberry Lane Farms in Sherwood with perfect weather and a wonderful group of friends and family to help celebrate their love. final_blog000final_blog001final_blog003final_blog004final_blog005final_blog006final_blog007final_blog008final_blog010final_blog011final_blog012final_blog013final_blog014final_blog015final_blog016final_blog017final_blog018final_blog019final_blog020final_blog021final_blog022final_blog023final_blog024final_blog025final_blog026final_blog027final_blog028final_blog029final_blog030final_blog031final_blog032final_blog033final_blog034final_blog035final_blog036final_blog037final_blog038final_blog039final_blog040final_blog041final_blog042final_blog043final_blog044final_blog045final_blog046final_blog047final_blog048final_blog049final_blog050final_blog051final_blog052final_blog053final_blog054final_blog055final_blog056final_blog057final_blog058final_blog059final_blog060final_blog061final_blog062final_blog063final_blog064final_blog065final_blog066final_blog067final_blog068final_blog069final_blog070final_blog071final_blog072final_blog073final_blog074final_blog075final_blog076final_blog077final_blog078final_blog079final_blog080final_blog081final_blog082final_blog083final_blog084final_blog085final_blog086final_blog087final_blog088final_blog089

Joleen & Brendan

A few weeks back I got together with Joleen and Brendan for a coffee to talk about their wedding coming up in July and get to know them a bit -- I learned that Brendan did the Peace Corps in El Salvador, they both attended Law School here in Madison and in just a few days they will be moving to D.C for work. Their wedding is going to be wonderful, a guest list of 70, outdoors at Olin park here in Madison followed by a fabulous meal and some dancing to end the night-- I can't wait. With the moving coming up so soon, we had to get together once again to do an engagement session - the day we picked was not the warmest winter day so our locations were limited to indoors (with maybe a 10 minutes session outdoors which I think we all hated). I met these two the day of our shoot at their cute apartment on Sherman Ave (available for sublease now until August if anyone is looking!) followed by a quick walked through Tenney and then to warm up at  Mickeys with a Hot Toddy -- here is the photo story of our adventure. joleenbrendan_blog__000joleenbrendan_blog__001joleenbrendan_blog__002joleenbrendan_blog__003joleenbrendan_blog__004joleenbrendan_blog__005joleenbrendan_blog__006joleenbrendan_blog__007joleenbrendan_blog__008joleenbrendan_blog__009joleenbrendan_blog__010joleenbrendan_blog__011joleenbrendan_blog__012joleenbrendan_blog__013joleenbrendan_blog__014joleenbrendan_blog__015joleenbrendan_blog__016joleenbrendan_blog__017joleenbrendan_blog__018joleenbrendan_blog__019joleenbrendan_blog__020joleenbrendan_blog__021joleenbrendan_blog__022joleenbrendan_blog__023joleenbrendan_blog__024joleenbrendan_blog__025joleenbrendan_blog__026joleenbrendan_blog__027joleenbrendan_blog__028joleenbrendan_blog__029

Chloe & Mike

  My last 2013 wedding blog post, and the perfect wedding to end the year on. I met Chloe a few years back when I started to freelance at ShopBop, she works there as a stylist/stylist assistance. Chloe and I have working together on a few projects and when she got engaged to Mike I was so happy when they asked me to document their day. Chloe and Mike had a small guest list (around 50 people) and even though it was pretty chilly they still got married in an adorable park in the Monroe St area- their ceremony was beautiful and the guests were cozy with blankets. After they were pronounced husband & wife the marching band started up and we all walked to the reception space, Crescendo  (a coffee shop on Monroe St that is a wonderful place to rent for small gatherings) where we at dinner and danced.  It really was a perfect way to finish my 2013 wedding season.


Kate & Jeph

A few weeks back I met up with Kate and Jeph to photograph their engagement photographs - hopefully you wont be able to tell in the photographs but this day was freezing and windy - these two rocked it though. Kate & Jeph were engaged the day they closed on a home on the westside and to celebrate they adopted a puppy - these two will be getting married this summer and I hope it is much warmer! Congrats Kate and Jeph - I had a blast being freezing with you two.  


Laura & Aaron Madison Engagement

Laura and Aaron will be getting married this coming April here in Madison. A few months back we met at Bradburry's to meet and plan engagement photographs and talk about their wedding - and a few weeks ago I met them at their apartment to spend the afternoon documenting their cuteness - I can't wait to spend another day photographing their love - enjoy!

Grey Gardens

I enjoy photographing weddings, I enjoy working in fashion but if I am being honest, children are my favorite subject. Children have a way of forgetting about the camera- what I try to get everyone I work with to do, comes so natural to them. So yesterday I took the afternoon off to have lunch over at the Gagnon's - where we picked out lunch from their garden, drank tea and talk about life, Africa and how August in Wisconsin is perfect. After lunch, Nora picked me some flowers and some food to take home -- images below will show you the process of our afternoon together.  

Fun at the Take Root Center. (Ethiopia)

As most of you know I have just returned home from just shy of a month long trip to Ethiopia where my boyfriend, Luke and I spent the majority of our time working with Seeds of Africa , teaching at the Take Root Center (See blog about my teaching here). Along with teaching the Seeds I was asked to document the TRC, staff and the community, so I have many photographs and stories to share -so for the next several weeks, Mondays will be 'Ethiopia Day' - I will be posting my photographs and telling my stories from our travels so be sure to check out my blogs on Mondays!  

Today the following images are from our time out in the playground with the kids, everyday between classes and after classes were done, Luke and I would get to jumprope, play football and I would usually get my hair done (no photo proof of this).

For more information as to what Seeds of Africa does please visit their website here

Tricia & Colin's Madison Wedding

I woke up the morning of the 22nd to the sound of rain, and it rained until 12 and then became a perfect day for a wedding (90 was a bit hot, but we survived). I have always wanted to document a wedding at the Pres House, and I was so excited when I found out that was where these lovely two were getting married - a beautiful couple, wonderful friends and families and amazing Madison venues - all in all, it was a great day.

The Terrace, My Summer.

Summer time become my busiest time of year and it is hard to stop working when your work is always on your mind. With this year being a bit more packed than normal with my trip to Ethiopia in the middle of the wedding season, I have a lot to finish and a lot to plan all before July 9th. The terrace has become my place to relax by the lake, sip a beer and listen to my friends play beautiful music. Last week at Dietrich Gosser's show, this beautiful boy had his Mother make him a jet pack - oh to be young again, how I long for the days where summer vacation existed and all you did was play with your friends and go to the pool to get summer blonde hair and have your skin smell like chlorine, always.

Katie & Maia

It is one thing getting asked to document a couple's wedding being the beginning a friendship, it is quite different when you document a couple who you have known from the beginning, lived with for 3 years and help pick out the engagement ring and also wedding dress - being there from the beginning and then seeing my best friend who also happens to be my boyfriend marry them in front of the closest of family and friends - oh man, if I could relive that day, I would in a heartbeat. A day truly about the vows being exchanged, about the couple's journey and how this is only the beginning of a wonderful life together - as Luke put it so perfectly in the ceremony "…we bring together two travelers, two people equally at home in Madison, Mexico, or the back country of Colorado.  Equally at home alone in a cabin or tent as they are when surrounded by friends at their dinner table; a place that has seen its share of gatherings. They are two travelers, but they are travelers with a deep sense of family, of community, of generosity, and of home." I feel so blessed to have these to beautiful people in my life, enjoy the images from their wedding celebration:

Cait and Paul

Before today I only had a few conversations with these two and I managed to cry about 5 times throughout their wedding day. I can't describe to you how beautiful this day was and in so many ways- to start, everyone looked so beautiful, these two are ridiculously cute and they manage to have really attractive family and friends. The community that these two have is so genuine, their love for each other is so evident, their friendship is so true. Every bit of this day was perfect, to the cute little chapel they got married in, to the song Cait recorded for their first dance. These two are new owners of a coffee shop and music venue on Monroe St. called Crescendo, and you should all check it out.