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Kaylee & Nathan's Winter Engagement

I met up with Kaylee and Nathan at one of their favorite spots in Madison followed by a walk at Picnic Point on a drizzling, foggy January day and it was kind of perfect. I loved photographing these two, they weren't distracted by my camera at all and enjoyed an afternoon together and I had so much fun! Can't wait for their wedding this summer!

Lisa and Andy

We almost rescheduled because it was a rainy day but I am so glad we risked the rain because we got some cozy photographs of these two! We started this shoot at an Irish Pub Lisa and Andy frequent which is fitting since Andy proposed to Lisa on the recent trip to Ireland. After the Pub, we went to their gym where they both practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and they showed me some moves and then we ended by the lake for the sunset. These two are getting married next September and I cannot wait to get them in front of my camera again!

Julianne & Nick's Engagement

I decided I want to be more like these two when I grow up, they have a beautiful and inviting home, Julianne weaves on her down time, they have a canoe and I just really enjoy our Tuesday morning together and can't wait for their wedding next summer!

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Alyssa & Robb's Engagement Session

I'm going to be honest, when these two announced their engagement I was hoping they would contact me to document their wedding day. So glad they did and so excited to be by their side for their day, I'm so happy I get to witness their vows and celebrate their love with them and their beautiful community that surrounds them. We had a wonderful evening together chasing the sun and making pretty pictures.

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Katherine & John's engagement session

Katherine and John made their engagement session a walk down memory lane - starting with The Mason Lounge, where they had their first official date ending with the Edgewood boardwalks, where John proposed! These two told me they have never gotten their pictures professionally taken, like ever - I think they did a real good job being in front of the camera together and I look forward to being apart of their wedding day this coming spring!


Tom & Colleen Madison Engagement

A few weeks ago I met Tom and Colleen at their home, their home that is currently wood beams and big dreams. They gave me the tour of what the home will be and we took some photographs of them in their project as well as their amazing garden. We then went to the Arboretum where Tom took Colleen on one of their first dates and despite the mosquitoes, we had a lovely time. I am so excited I got to meet these two and I look forward to photographing their wedding next May!

Sarah & Drew in Bayview

A few weeks ago I made the trip over to Milwaukee to meet up with Sarah and Drew in their adorable Bayview apartment. These two made some mojitos, sat on the patio where Drew proposed followed by a walk in Bayview park. I just love these two, I've had the opportunity to photograph a few of their friends weddings and so I've been able to document their adorableness on other occasions but this session was a dream and I can't wait for their wedding next month!

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Brittany & Cory's Engagement session

A few weeks back I drove out to Jefferson to document Brittany and Cory on a Sunday afternoon in their new beautiful home. They started their session out by finishing up their game of Scrabble, which I was totally into. With these two just recently purchasing this home, it was fitting to start our session here - these two are in the middle of making this place their first home and it was such a treat to see their progress. These two are getting marring this fall and they are totally adorable.  

Hillary & Ted's Silverlake Engagement

A few weeks ago I met up with Hillary and Ted in their beautiful apartment in Silverlake. I've known these two since Junior High, I remember Ted's band, Left At Atlantic, I remember Hillary's first gigs at Copper Rock Cafe in Downtown Appleton and now these two will be getting married this coming August and are making a lovely life in Los Angeles. It was lovely to spend an afternoon with them in their neighborhood and I can't wait for their wedding!  

Chelly & Mark's Madison Engagement

I love when I come home from a session and Luke asks me how it goes and my answer is “ah, so good, this couple is amazing and I want to be their friends” Chelly and Mark was exactly that. It was honestly hard to stop having a conversation and take photographs because they have such interesting lives and I wanted to hear more about Mark's travels and Chelly's time in the Peace Corps. I also love that I get some many couples who love to travel, travel is such an important part of my life and getting to connect with other people who feel the same is so great. Chelly and Mark were in town for the holidays for they both live and work in D.C, with their flight the next day we were lucky to get a nice day for a winter session (nice in Madison in January is 40 degrees). We met for tea at Lakeside Coffee, and went for a walk on the frozen lake. These two will be exchanging vows next fall at Tenney Park and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them.

Rachel & Dave Madison Engagement

A few Sundays back I met up with Rachel & Dave for a little engagement session. I met these two this summer at a wedding I was photographing and I'm so glad I had the chance to document these two!

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Jes & Jimmy - Chicago Engagement

A few weeks ago I went into the city to meet up with Jes and Jimmy in their neighborhood for a little engagement session. These two will be getting married next May in the city where they met, fell in love and share a space with along with their two dogs - which is the whole reason these two met in the first place - these two met at a dog park, which is basically perfect. We started our session at their favorite bar called Villains for a drink then picked up their pups for a little walk to the nearby park - a perfect day in Chicago.



Sara & Allen

I get to photograph these two getting married in a few weeks so a couple Mondays back I drove out to the beautiful Spring Green and met them at their home and spend some time with them. 2016-10-18_00252016-10-18_00262016-10-18_00272016-10-18_00282016-10-18_00292016-10-18_00302016-10-18_00312016-10-18_00322016-10-18_00332016-10-18_00342016-10-18_00352016-10-18_00362016-10-18_00372016-10-18_00382016-10-18_00392016-10-18_0040

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Katie & Dan

A few weeks ago I met up with Katie and Dan at Indian Lake Park, I have lived in Madison for the last 10 years and I have never been to this beautiful space and I'm so glad we got to spend some time hanging out here -- even though we did get eaten alive by mosquitos! These two are adorable, these two will be getting married next September and it's going to be a good one. 2016-10-18_00012016-10-18_00022016-10-18_00032016-10-18_00042016-10-18_00052016-10-18_00062016-10-18_00072016-10-18_00082016-10-18_00092016-10-18_00102016-10-18_00112016-10-18_00122016-10-18_00132016-10-18_00142016-10-18_00152016-10-18_00162016-10-18_00172016-10-18_00182016-10-18_00192016-10-18_00202016-10-18_00212016-10-18_00222016-10-18_00232016-10-18_0024



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Andrea & Jeff

These two, just wow, I think a few tears came to my eyes just watching these two through my camera, the comfort and love these two have for each other is so beautiful, I really didn't want to stop photographing them. With Andrea currently living and working in the Netherlands it was a bit tricky to plan an engagement session before their August wedding, it was her last visit before the wedding and we spent a sunset together and I am so glad we did! 2016-07-16_00792016-07-16_00802016-07-16_00812016-07-16_00822016-07-16_00832016-07-16_00842016-07-16_00852016-07-16_00862016-07-16_00872016-07-16_00882016-07-16_00892016-07-16_00902016-07-16_00912016-07-16_00922016-07-16_00932016-07-16_00942016-07-16_00952016-07-16_0096

Kristin & Joe

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we all met out at Joe's grandparents home and 100 acres of land in Reedsburg to hang out, wander and photograph these lovely two - the weather was perfect, a little snow a little fall leaves and a lot of sun. I love when the couple picks a place that means something to them for their sessions, it brings a little comfort for them and I get to know them a little better hearing the stories they have - these two have spent many weekend up on the land exploring and relaxing, and I get it - this place was a little slice of heaven - from the epic long driveway to the perfect sunset just past the tree line.  


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Jenny & Bobby

Fall is my favorite time to photograph with the crisp air, the pretty colors and the layers of clothing and a few weeks back I met up with Jenny and Bobby in their Eastside flat for some record listening and photograph taking followed by an evening at Wingra Beach and the Arboretum. These two are quite lovely, and I'm looking forward to their August wedding next year! jennybobby_blog_0000jennybobby_blog_0001jennybobby_blog_0002jennybobby_blog_0003jennybobby_blog_0004jennybobby_blog_0005jennybobby_blog_0006jennybobby_blog_0007jennybobby_blog_0008jennybobby_blog_0009jennybobby_blog_0010jennybobby_blog_0011jennybobby_blog_0012jennybobby_blog_0013jennybobby_blog_0014jennybobby_blog_0015jennybobby_blog_0016jennybobby_blog_0017jennybobby_blog_0018jennybobby_blog_0019jennybobby_blog_0020

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Danielle & Jake

A little over a month ago Jake planned a scavenger hunt for Danielle that led her to James Madison Park where he then asked her to marry him. A few weeks after that we met up to take a walk from their home to that same park for a sunset engagement session, a perfect night to reflect on their relationship and get excited about their future together -- plus they are totally adorable and I had a blast hanging out with them. 2015-10-28_00162015-10-28_00172015-10-28_00182015-10-28_00192015-10-28_00202015-10-28_00212015-10-28_00222015-10-28_00232015-10-28_00242015-10-28_00252015-10-28_00262015-10-28_00272015-10-28_00282015-10-28_00292015-10-28_00302015-10-28_00312015-10-28_00322015-10-28_00332015-10-28_00342015-10-28_00352015-10-28_0036

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