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Jes & Jimmy - Chicago Engagement

A few weeks ago I went into the city to meet up with Jes and Jimmy in their neighborhood for a little engagement session. These two will be getting married next May in the city where they met, fell in love and share a space with along with their two dogs - which is the whole reason these two met in the first place - these two met at a dog park, which is basically perfect. We started our session at their favorite bar called Villains for a drink then picked up their pups for a little walk to the nearby park - a perfect day in Chicago.



Lauren & Jonathan

A few weeks back Lauren, Jonathan and I met in Paoli, WI to spend some time together as well as capture their silliness and love. Lauren and Jonathan have been together for 5 years now, a few years back they purchased a foreclosure home and have been making it theirs together ever since. These two are wonderful, they make each other laugh, they support each other and they are really fun to hang out with. laurenjonathon_blog_000laurenjonathon_blog_001laurenjonathon_blog_002laurenjonathon_blog_003laurenjonathon_blog_004laurenjonathon_blog_005laurenjonathon_blog_006laurenjonathon_blog_007laurenjonathon_blog_008laurenjonathon_blog_009laurenjonathon_blog_010laurenjonathon_blog_011laurenjonathon_blog_012laurenjonathon_blog_013laurenjonathon_blog_014laurenjonathon_blog_015laurenjonathon_blog_016laurenjonathon_blog_017laurenjonathon_blog_018laurenjonathon_blog_019laurenjonathon_blog_020laurenjonathon_blog_021

Michelle & Carey

A few months back I went and spent an afternoon with Michelle & Carey in their home and neighborhood in Milwaukee.  We listened to records, shared a drink and then went for a walk in a nearby park while sharing stories about their travels and life together. Michelle and Carey will be getting married and celebrating their friendship and love in Madison, Wi on October 17th and it is going to be fantastic.



Maddie & Bret

A few weeks ago we had our first warm & sunny winter day -- warmth, oh how I love that in Wisconsin warm in the winter is when it's over 35 degrees, but after a week of below zero, it really does feel like a heat wave. I spent this Wisconsin heat wave getting to know Maddie & Bret in their beautiful home and walking around Tenney Park and catching the sunset on the lake; a perfect afternoon. These lovely two will be getting married in August here in Madison and I am excited I get to be apart of that celebration.



Hannah, Christopher and Silas

Last week I drove up to Hilbert, Wi for an early morning shoot with Christopher, Hannah and their beautiful son, Silas who just turned 1 a few weeks ago. I've known Christopher for well over 10 years now and until these two asked me to photograph their wedding in August, I had only met Hannah Darling (yes, that is her real last name) once, so it was wonderful to get to know her a little more and to meet their son who stole my heart just a little bit. I am so happy for this little family and I am beyond excited to be apart of their wedding day. hannahchris_blog000hannahchris_blog001hannahchris_blog002hannahchris_blog003hannahchris_blog004hannahchris_blog005hannahchris_blog006hannahchris_blog007hannahchris_blog008hannahchris_blog009hannahchris_blog010hannahchris_blog011hannahchris_blog012hannahchris_blog013hannahchris_blog014hannahchris_blog015hannahchris_blog016hannahchris_blog017hannahchris_blog018hannahchris_blog019hannahchris_blog020hannahchris_blog021hannahchris_blog022hannahchris_blog023hannahchris_blog024hannahchris_blog025hannahchris_blog026hannahchris_blog027

Day 1 - Sweden.

A few weeks back I traveled to Sweden to photograph Clara and Isak's wedding. I came a few days early to adjust to the time difference and also to spend time getting to know Clara and Isak a little better before their wedding. I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon in Gothenburg, they picked me and and we drove an hour or so through the countryside to a lovely little town called Horred, where they live and where the wedding was going to be. We went straight to Clara's home for fika, which means taking a break in your day for coffee and usually with something sweet, something I have decided should happen here everyday as well. Then we were able to spend time with a barn full of puppies followed by an evening dinner & wedding prep at Isak's place --- A day of avoiding a nap so I can get on Sweden time was a success and here are a few images from that day. swedenday1_blog_000swedenday1_blog_001swedenday1_blog_002swedenday1_blog_003swedenday1_blog_004swedenday1_blog_005swedenday1_blog_006swedenday1_blog_007swedenday1_blog_008swedenday1_blog_009swedenday1_blog_010swedenday1_blog_011swedenday1_blog_012

Kate & Jeph

A few weeks back I met up with Kate and Jeph to photograph their engagement photographs - hopefully you wont be able to tell in the photographs but this day was freezing and windy - these two rocked it though. Kate & Jeph were engaged the day they closed on a home on the westside and to celebrate they adopted a puppy - these two will be getting married this summer and I hope it is much warmer! Congrats Kate and Jeph - I had a blast being freezing with you two.  


Laura & Aaron Madison Engagement

Laura and Aaron will be getting married this coming April here in Madison. A few months back we met at Bradburry's to meet and plan engagement photographs and talk about their wedding - and a few weeks ago I met them at their apartment to spend the afternoon documenting their cuteness - I can't wait to spend another day photographing their love - enjoy!