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Day 1 - Sweden.

A few weeks back I traveled to Sweden to photograph Clara and Isak's wedding. I came a few days early to adjust to the time difference and also to spend time getting to know Clara and Isak a little better before their wedding. I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon in Gothenburg, they picked me and and we drove an hour or so through the countryside to a lovely little town called Horred, where they live and where the wedding was going to be. We went straight to Clara's home for fika, which means taking a break in your day for coffee and usually with something sweet, something I have decided should happen here everyday as well. Then we were able to spend time with a barn full of puppies followed by an evening dinner & wedding prep at Isak's place --- A day of avoiding a nap so I can get on Sweden time was a success and here are a few images from that day. swedenday1_blog_000swedenday1_blog_001swedenday1_blog_002swedenday1_blog_003swedenday1_blog_004swedenday1_blog_005swedenday1_blog_006swedenday1_blog_007swedenday1_blog_008swedenday1_blog_009swedenday1_blog_010swedenday1_blog_011swedenday1_blog_012