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The Lang Family

It’s always hard to leave the Lang’s home - they always seem to have fresh coffee, homemade goodies and wonderful conversation and I’m grateful for their friendship and for the opportunity to document their days together. A few weeks ago I went over with my camera for some fresh coffee, homemade bread and fort building.

Chelly & Mark's Madison Engagement

I love when I come home from a session and Luke asks me how it goes and my answer is “ah, so good, this couple is amazing and I want to be their friends” Chelly and Mark was exactly that. It was honestly hard to stop having a conversation and take photographs because they have such interesting lives and I wanted to hear more about Mark's travels and Chelly's time in the Peace Corps. I also love that I get some many couples who love to travel, travel is such an important part of my life and getting to connect with other people who feel the same is so great. Chelly and Mark were in town for the holidays for they both live and work in D.C, with their flight the next day we were lucky to get a nice day for a winter session (nice in Madison in January is 40 degrees). We met for tea at Lakeside Coffee, and went for a walk on the frozen lake. These two will be exchanging vows next fall at Tenney Park and I'm looking forward to spending more time with them.

The Lang Family

  A few weeks back I went and spent a morning over at the Lang family house, as Eric hand grinds our coffee, Sarah comforts their new baby girl, Elsie - followed by the two of them prepping a meal together as they pass their daughter between them, both easily getting distracted by her perfection as a baby. These two, their home, their life and their family are all wonderful, being able to document a typical morning together has been something I've wanted to do ever since I met these two a few years back, and I finally got to be that fly on the wall with a camera...2016-10-18_00412016-10-18_00422016-10-18_00432016-10-18_00442016-10-18_00452016-10-18_00462016-10-18_00472016-10-18_00482016-10-18_00492016-10-18_00502016-10-18_00512016-10-18_00522016-10-18_00532016-10-18_00542016-10-18_00552016-10-18_00562016-10-18_00572016-10-18_00582016-10-18_00592016-10-18_00602016-10-18_00612016-10-18_00622016-10-18_0063

The Tahk Family

I love when I get an email from a past wedding client with the exciting news that they are having a baby and want to schedule a family session with me. I love that I get to continue documenting their life events and meeting their children. I photographed Susannah & Alex's wedding back in 2012 and a few weeks ago I was reunited and had the chance to meet their beautiful daughter, Serena. tahkfamily_Blog_001tahkfamily_Blog_002tahkfamily_Blog_003tahkfamily_Blog_004tahkfamily_Blog_005tahkfamily_Blog_006tahkfamily_Blog_007tahkfamily_Blog_008tahkfamily_Blog_009tahkfamily_Blog_010tahkfamily_Blog_011tahkfamily_Blog_012tahkfamily_Blog_013tahkfamily_Blog_014tahkfamily_Blog_015tahkfamily_Blog_016tahkfamily_Blog_017tahkfamily_Blog_018tahkfamily_Blog_019tahkfamily_Blog_020tahkfamily_Blog_021tahkfamily_Blog_022tahkfamily_Blog_023

Hannah, Christopher and Silas

Last week I drove up to Hilbert, Wi for an early morning shoot with Christopher, Hannah and their beautiful son, Silas who just turned 1 a few weeks ago. I've known Christopher for well over 10 years now and until these two asked me to photograph their wedding in August, I had only met Hannah Darling (yes, that is her real last name) once, so it was wonderful to get to know her a little more and to meet their son who stole my heart just a little bit. I am so happy for this little family and I am beyond excited to be apart of their wedding day. hannahchris_blog000hannahchris_blog001hannahchris_blog002hannahchris_blog003hannahchris_blog004hannahchris_blog005hannahchris_blog006hannahchris_blog007hannahchris_blog008hannahchris_blog009hannahchris_blog010hannahchris_blog011hannahchris_blog012hannahchris_blog013hannahchris_blog014hannahchris_blog015hannahchris_blog016hannahchris_blog017hannahchris_blog018hannahchris_blog019hannahchris_blog020hannahchris_blog021hannahchris_blog022hannahchris_blog023hannahchris_blog024hannahchris_blog025hannahchris_blog026hannahchris_blog027

My Weekend Through My Lens

Madison, Wi is where I decided to live, and I couldn't be more happy with my city, my job and my community. I sit drinking my Monday morning coffee and reflect on my weekend of photo shoots and the community I surround myself with and I feel truly blessed. One of the biggest reasons why I love what I do is the variety of work that I can do with my collection of cameras- one day I do a fashion shoot, the next day I am documenting two of my best friends getting married  to a Sunday with a family at the park, catching up and documenting their ridiculously cute child. Here are a few photographs from those three shoots: black & white look book - Styled by the lovely Char

Katie and Maia got married this weekend, a small backyard wedding with a guest list of 17 - service was done by my wonderful boyfriend followed by an amazing dinner and bonfire:

Jessica and Joseph were my neighbors back in my college days- we would spend many late nights on the porch listening to records that would end in a dance party, I remember when joey proposed, i remember their lovely wedding day and now, years later they have a little girl that I get spend time with and document her life .

A Tea Party

Friday I put on my polkadots, red lips and went over to the Gagnon's magical home for a tea party. We decided to do a shoot where we (the adults) had no influence, Nora had her cousin Nan over and they picked out their outfits and we allowed them to decide what to do and I documented the afternoon. Children are so comfortable in front of the camera, so I feel there is no need to pose them - just let them be kids and I'll document them.