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The Heidemann Family

It’s no secret that I love children, I love spending time with them and I love to photograph them. When I was younger and I imagined my life as a photographer I imagined traveling the world to spend time with children and document their lives. Lately my favorite thing to photograph is families living their lives together and last month I got together with the Heidemann family right after their 2nd son, Adler was born and I got to spend sometime following them around with my camera - it was a really good day and Ezra, their two year old was real fun to hang out with.

Kovacic Family

A few years ago I photographed the Kovacic family, at the time their youngest, Mike was just born - a few weeks ago I got to go back to their lovely home and photograph them again. I love getting the chance to grow with families, and document their ages as they continue to grow up - this family was lovely to work with.  


The Lang Family

  A few weeks back I went and spent a morning over at the Lang family house, as Eric hand grinds our coffee, Sarah comforts their new baby girl, Elsie - followed by the two of them prepping a meal together as they pass their daughter between them, both easily getting distracted by her perfection as a baby. These two, their home, their life and their family are all wonderful, being able to document a typical morning together has been something I've wanted to do ever since I met these two a few years back, and I finally got to be that fly on the wall with a camera...2016-10-18_00412016-10-18_00422016-10-18_00432016-10-18_00442016-10-18_00452016-10-18_00462016-10-18_00472016-10-18_00482016-10-18_00492016-10-18_00502016-10-18_00512016-10-18_00522016-10-18_00532016-10-18_00542016-10-18_00552016-10-18_00562016-10-18_00572016-10-18_00582016-10-18_00592016-10-18_00602016-10-18_00612016-10-18_00622016-10-18_0063

Grey Gardens

I enjoy photographing weddings, I enjoy working in fashion but if I am being honest, children are my favorite subject. Children have a way of forgetting about the camera- what I try to get everyone I work with to do, comes so natural to them. So yesterday I took the afternoon off to have lunch over at the Gagnon's - where we picked out lunch from their garden, drank tea and talk about life, Africa and how August in Wisconsin is perfect. After lunch, Nora picked me some flowers and some food to take home -- images below will show you the process of our afternoon together.  

The Terrace, My Summer.

Summer time become my busiest time of year and it is hard to stop working when your work is always on your mind. With this year being a bit more packed than normal with my trip to Ethiopia in the middle of the wedding season, I have a lot to finish and a lot to plan all before July 9th. The terrace has become my place to relax by the lake, sip a beer and listen to my friends play beautiful music. Last week at Dietrich Gosser's show, this beautiful boy had his Mother make him a jet pack - oh to be young again, how I long for the days where summer vacation existed and all you did was play with your friends and go to the pool to get summer blonde hair and have your skin smell like chlorine, always.

A Tea Party

Friday I put on my polkadots, red lips and went over to the Gagnon's magical home for a tea party. We decided to do a shoot where we (the adults) had no influence, Nora had her cousin Nan over and they picked out their outfits and we allowed them to decide what to do and I documented the afternoon. Children are so comfortable in front of the camera, so I feel there is no need to pose them - just let them be kids and I'll document them.