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Kovacic Family

A few years ago I photographed the Kovacic family, at the time their youngest, Mike was just born - a few weeks ago I got to go back to their lovely home and photograph them again. I love getting the chance to grow with families, and document their ages as they continue to grow up - this family was lovely to work with.  


The Lang Family

  A few weeks back I went and spent a morning over at the Lang family house, as Eric hand grinds our coffee, Sarah comforts their new baby girl, Elsie - followed by the two of them prepping a meal together as they pass their daughter between them, both easily getting distracted by her perfection as a baby. These two, their home, their life and their family are all wonderful, being able to document a typical morning together has been something I've wanted to do ever since I met these two a few years back, and I finally got to be that fly on the wall with a camera...2016-10-18_00412016-10-18_00422016-10-18_00432016-10-18_00442016-10-18_00452016-10-18_00462016-10-18_00472016-10-18_00482016-10-18_00492016-10-18_00502016-10-18_00512016-10-18_00522016-10-18_00532016-10-18_00542016-10-18_00552016-10-18_00562016-10-18_00572016-10-18_00582016-10-18_00592016-10-18_00602016-10-18_00612016-10-18_00622016-10-18_0063