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Lang's in the fall

Another season and another session with the Lang family. Elsie turned 1 year old in September and she has already been on the move for a few months, she is loving life and is a joy to spend time with and document.

Tucci Family

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jessica and Joseph my whole time living in Madison, Wi. Joey and Jess were my neighbors when I first moved here at age 19, we grew close and I've got to see their family grow through these 11 years. A few weeks ago I went over to their new home to meet their son, Sergio and spend an afternoon photographing a day in the life of this family.

Chelly & Mark's Tenney Park Wedding

Chelly and Mark spent the year leading up to their wedding not only planning a wedding but starting the process to adopt a child. A month before the wedding they welcomed their baby girl, Cora into their home and then flew from D.C to Madison to celebrate with their community. This wedding had something different about it, it was about Mark and Chelly and their love for each other  but also about their commitment and love for their child and the journey they were put on to find her. I'm sure you guessed it, I cried a few times at the wedding.

The Lang Family In Spring

Another season, another session with the Lang family - An early Wednesday morning, rainy and dark they make coffee, breakfast and entertained little Elsie who is now always on the go. These seasonal sessions are such a beautiful way to see how a morning routine changes as their daughter grows up.

Noah Ryan Donohue

Last month Luke and I packed up my Honda Fit with musical instruments and cameras and hit the road to Austin, TX stopping on our way for Luke to play a few shows. Our main reason for this road trip was to visit our dear friends Katie & Maia and meet their sweet sweet little baby named Noah Ryan. He is basically perfect, their new home is the best and I really didn't want to come home - I wanted to stay on their back porch, snuggled in with a book and a baby and eat tacos from breakfast, lunch and dinner. So before we left, I had to document this little family in their new space.  

Kovacic Family

A few years ago I photographed the Kovacic family, at the time their youngest, Mike was just born - a few weeks ago I got to go back to their lovely home and photograph them again. I love getting the chance to grow with families, and document their ages as they continue to grow up - this family was lovely to work with.  


The Lang Family

  A few weeks back I went and spent a morning over at the Lang family house, as Eric hand grinds our coffee, Sarah comforts their new baby girl, Elsie - followed by the two of them prepping a meal together as they pass their daughter between them, both easily getting distracted by her perfection as a baby. These two, their home, their life and their family are all wonderful, being able to document a typical morning together has been something I've wanted to do ever since I met these two a few years back, and I finally got to be that fly on the wall with a camera...2016-10-18_00412016-10-18_00422016-10-18_00432016-10-18_00442016-10-18_00452016-10-18_00462016-10-18_00472016-10-18_00482016-10-18_00492016-10-18_00502016-10-18_00512016-10-18_00522016-10-18_00532016-10-18_00542016-10-18_00552016-10-18_00562016-10-18_00572016-10-18_00582016-10-18_00592016-10-18_00602016-10-18_00612016-10-18_00622016-10-18_0063

The Vandenbergs

A Sunday morning with the Vandenberg crew - starting with pour overs and a bacon and egg sandwich and going into time together. We spent just a few hours doing the things they love to do together, and I had a lovely time documenting a morning in the life of the Vandenbergs. I've known Samantha for over 15 years (crazy) so seeing her and Todd be parents to their adorable and amazing daughter, Marjorie is a treat. 2016-04-12_00012016-04-12_00022016-04-12_00032016-04-12_00042016-04-12_00052016-04-12_00062016-04-12_00072016-04-12_00082016-04-12_00092016-04-12_00102016-04-12_00112016-04-12_00122016-04-12_00132016-04-12_00142016-04-12_00152016-04-12_00162016-04-12_00172016-04-12_00182016-04-12_00192016-04-12_00202016-04-12_00212016-04-12_00222016-04-12_00232016-04-12_00242016-04-12_00252016-04-12_0026

The Endicott Family

Every few years I get to hang out with Lola and June and take their photographs. It's pretty amazing to watch these girls grow up through my lens and this year we had a new little addition to add in the frame, little miss Darcy!  


The Peterson Family

I met Josh and Beth a few years ago at a wedding I was photographing, Beth was pregnant with Oscar and when he arrived they contacted me and I went to their home to document their new little guy. Now Oscar is 5, hilarious and it was quite fun spending the afternoon over at their beautiful home documenting a day in the life of the Peterson family.  


The Osterholz Family

Back in 2013 I photographed Katie & Trent's wedding at the wonderful venue Whistling Straits in Sheboygan (blog link here) and a few weeks ago I went to see them at their home and meet their awesome son, Luther and document their life. Luther has just turned one and he is such a happy kid, he really made it easy for me. luther_blog_000luther_blog_001luther_blog_002luther_blog_003luther_blog_004luther_blog_005luther_blog_006luther_blog_007luther_blog_008luther_blog_009luther_blog_010luther_blog_011luther_blog_012luther_blog_013luther_blog_014luther_blog_015luther_blog_016luther_blog_017luther_blog_018luther_blog_019luther_blog_020luther_blog_021

The Tahk Family

I love when I get an email from a past wedding client with the exciting news that they are having a baby and want to schedule a family session with me. I love that I get to continue documenting their life events and meeting their children. I photographed Susannah & Alex's wedding back in 2012 and a few weeks ago I was reunited and had the chance to meet their beautiful daughter, Serena. tahkfamily_Blog_001tahkfamily_Blog_002tahkfamily_Blog_003tahkfamily_Blog_004tahkfamily_Blog_005tahkfamily_Blog_006tahkfamily_Blog_007tahkfamily_Blog_008tahkfamily_Blog_009tahkfamily_Blog_010tahkfamily_Blog_011tahkfamily_Blog_012tahkfamily_Blog_013tahkfamily_Blog_014tahkfamily_Blog_015tahkfamily_Blog_016tahkfamily_Blog_017tahkfamily_Blog_018tahkfamily_Blog_019tahkfamily_Blog_020tahkfamily_Blog_021tahkfamily_Blog_022tahkfamily_Blog_023

The Rajala Family

Matthew and Abby Rajala live on the East Side of Madison, they have a lovely poodle named Frankie and they have a 6 month old named Henrik. A few Sundays ago I went over to the Rajala's to spend the afternoon documenting their lives, from nap time to bed time I hung out with them and allowed them to live their life in front of my camera to tell a story of how they spend their days together. 2015-04-09_00012015-04-09_00022015-04-09_00032015-04-09_00042015-04-09_00052015-04-09_00062015-04-09_00072015-04-09_00082015-04-09_00092015-04-09_00102015-04-09_00112015-04-09_00122015-04-09_00132015-04-09_00142015-04-09_00152015-04-09_00162015-04-09_00172015-04-09_00182015-04-09_00202015-04-09_00212015-04-09_00222015-04-09_00232015-04-09_00242015-04-09_00252015-04-09_00262015-04-09_00272015-04-09_00282015-04-09_0029

In Ethiopia With Seeds

As many of you know, back in 2013 I travelled to Ethiopia to work at a school and document for Seeds Of Africa. After returning a decided I wanted to share my images and not just through my instagram, Facebook and blog but instead with prints in a pretty gallery filled with people who can discuss the images rather than giving it a thumbs up or a heart. I wanted these images to do something for Seeds of Africa and the families they support, so I put together a show, had a grand opening and all proceeds from sales will go to Seeds of Africa this coming Monday when I go out to New York for a fundraising event where two of my prints will be auctioned off. This has all been exciting for me, I do enjoy documenting weddings, families and even fashion but this is what makes me the happiest. Below you will find the prints that are currently for sale, these prints are mounted and ready to be put on your wall sizes range from 12x18 ($150) to 16x24 ($250) -- if you are interested in purchasing a print, please email me: --- All proceeds will go to Seeds of Africa.  






Little Miss Ingrid

A few weeks ago my dear friends Maia & Travis came for a visit from San Francisco and I got the chance to meet their lovely daughter, Ingrid. I met up with them at their cute AirBnB on Spaight St. to catch up and do a little photo shoot of their adorable child. Maia runs a successful blog and has been something of a guru in that department, she is also the art director for Rue Magazine  and every time I head over to San Francisco I try to work with Maia, she is one talented lady and a joy to work with.