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Alex & Niels

Gates of Heaven has been one of my favorite places in Madison since my college days. My first 3 years living here, I got to vote there, the band I play in along with many others in town had the first Wintersong there, and I've witnessed a few beautiful, intimate weddings there - Alex and Niels' included. A beautiful ceremony done by their dear friend and an epic high five to seal the marriage deal. Then Alex and Niels picked another favorite place of mine for their party, The Children's Museum, where adults get to be kids all night long -- cocktail party on the beautiful rooftop followed by giant slides, a hamster wheel and a dance party --- basically the best day ever. 2016-07-06_00012016-07-06_00022016-07-06_00032016-07-06_00042016-07-06_00052016-07-06_00062016-07-06_00072016-07-06_00082016-07-06_00092016-07-06_00102016-07-06_00112016-07-06_00122016-07-06_00132016-07-06_00142016-07-06_00152016-07-06_00162016-07-06_00172016-07-06_00182016-07-06_00192016-07-06_00202016-07-06_00212016-07-06_00222016-07-06_00232016-07-06_00242016-07-06_00252016-07-06_00262016-07-06_00272016-07-06_00282016-07-06_00292016-07-06_00302016-07-06_00312016-07-06_00322016-07-06_00332016-07-06_00342016-07-06_00352016-07-06_00362016-07-06_00372016-07-06_00382016-07-06_00392016-07-06_00402016-07-06_00412016-07-06_00422016-07-06_00432016-07-06_00442016-07-06_00452016-07-06_00462016-07-06_00472016-07-06_00482016-07-06_00492016-07-06_00502016-07-06_00512016-07-06_00522016-07-06_00532016-07-06_00542016-07-06_00552016-07-06_00562016-07-06_00572016-07-06_00582016-07-06_00592016-07-06_00602016-07-06_00612016-07-06_00622016-07-06_0063

Alison & Jeremy

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to meet new people and hear their stories and Alison and Jeremy have quite the story. These two are currently living in Casablanca, Morocco working in a school and these two have been traveling together ever since they met on a plane to Bolivia from the midwest a 5 years ago. If you follow my work, you know how much I love traveling,  so when these two emailed me with their story I was so excited to meet them. Alison's brother got married in Wisconsin a few weeks ago so I made a trip to meet them at their wedding venue to take some photographs and hang out.  


Katie & Josh - On Twin Lakes Wedding

When Katie and Josh contacted me to shoot their wedding, I knew I wanted to be there to document it for when I asked them what they were most looking forward to on their wedding day, their answer was "whiffle ball and a bonfire" - it was then that I knew these two needed to be in front of my lens and I am so glad they were. This day was beautiful from the minute I pulled up to On Twin Lakes until a drove out after sunset. There were so many moments from this day that pop into my head and make me smile -- like when Katie and Josh both gave each other love letters to read before the first look and it was the same card and how Katie made their save the dates, wedding invitations and cut out beautiful pieces of paper and strung them all over the beautiful venue. These two live in Portland and I only had the opportunity to meet Katie once for coffee but walking into their wedding, I felt like I got to know them so much better. Katie and Josh started dating 10 years ago when they were both students at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Katie decided to sell a football ticket, and put up a sign with her number on it. Josh was the one who called, and they met in the lobby of their dorm for the exchange. Katie then ran back up to her room and told her roommate about the cute boy she had just met. She then forgot his name and for months referred to him secretly as 'ticket boy' until finally through AOL Instant messenger, Josh introduced himself and asked Katie on our first date. Katie told me was swept away by his romantic choice of fine dining, Chipotle. Then  10 years later they came back to Wisconsin to exchange vows, play whiffle ball and dance with all of their friends and family.


Lauren & Jonathan

A few weeks back Lauren, Jonathan and I met in Paoli, WI to spend some time together as well as capture their silliness and love. Lauren and Jonathan have been together for 5 years now, a few years back they purchased a foreclosure home and have been making it theirs together ever since. These two are wonderful, they make each other laugh, they support each other and they are really fun to hang out with. laurenjonathon_blog_000laurenjonathon_blog_001laurenjonathon_blog_002laurenjonathon_blog_003laurenjonathon_blog_004laurenjonathon_blog_005laurenjonathon_blog_006laurenjonathon_blog_007laurenjonathon_blog_008laurenjonathon_blog_009laurenjonathon_blog_010laurenjonathon_blog_011laurenjonathon_blog_012laurenjonathon_blog_013laurenjonathon_blog_014laurenjonathon_blog_015laurenjonathon_blog_016laurenjonathon_blog_017laurenjonathon_blog_018laurenjonathon_blog_019laurenjonathon_blog_020laurenjonathon_blog_021

Abi & Christopher

A few weeks back I travelled to Missoula, Montana to spend a week with my dear friends Abi & Christopher and celebrate with them at their wedding. The day after I got in we took a trip up the mountain to the spot where these two were going to say their vows, a beautiful little hike into a quiet little spot. I am so thankful for these two and feel so honored to have been able to be there on their wedding day -- I love you guys and I am missing you dearly. 2014-10-06_00012014-10-06_00022014-10-06_00032014-10-06_00042014-10-06_00052014-10-06_00062014-10-06_00072014-10-06_00082014-10-06_00092014-10-06_00102014-10-06_00112014-10-06_00122014-10-06_00132014-10-06_0014

Mads & Za's backyard wedding

Mads and Za contacted me just a few months ago about their small, no fuss backyard wedding that took place on August 9th in Oshkosh, WI. Mads and Za have only lived in Oshkosh for about a year, they moved from Boston when Za got a job teaching at UWO and within that year these two have built such a lovely community. Their neighbors helped cook food and decorate, people traveled from Norway, Boston and many other places -- it was the perfect small gathering of close friends and family to celebrate Mads and Za.2014-08-24_00142014-08-24_00152014-08-24_00162014-08-24_00172014-08-24_00182014-08-24_00192014-08-24_00202014-08-24_00212014-08-24_00222014-08-24_00232014-08-24_00242014-08-24_00252014-08-24_00262014-08-24_00272014-08-24_00282014-08-24_00292014-08-24_00302014-08-24_00312014-08-24_00322014-08-24_00332014-08-24_00342014-08-24_00352014-08-24_00362014-08-24_00372014-08-24_00382014-08-24_00392014-08-24_00402014-08-24_00412014-08-24_00422014-08-24_00432014-08-24_00442014-08-24_00452014-08-24_00462014-08-24_00472014-08-24_00482014-08-24_00492014-08-24_00502014-08-24_00512014-08-24_00522014-08-24_00532014-08-24_00542014-08-24_00552014-08-24_00562014-08-24_00572014-08-24_00582014-08-24_00592014-08-24_00602014-08-24_00612014-08-24_00622014-08-24_00632014-08-24_00642014-08-24_00652014-08-24_00662014-08-24_00672014-08-24_00682014-08-24_00692014-08-24_00702014-08-24_00712014-08-24_00722014-08-24_00732014-08-24_00742014-08-24_00752014-08-24_00762014-08-24_00772014-08-24_00782014-08-24_00792014-08-24_00802014-08-24_00812014-08-24_00822014-08-24_00832014-08-24_00842014-08-24_00852014-08-24_00862014-08-24_00872014-08-24_0088

Joleen & Brendan

I first met Joleen & Brendan back in January to discuss the wedding and take their engagement photographs, it was the week before they moved to Washington D.C and it was about -10 degrees outside, so getting a chance to take their photograph on July 5th, a perfect summer day was wonderful. I arrived to the room with Joleen sitting in her beautiful flower crown with her brother and friend Joanna and everyone was so calm, I knew it was going to be a good day. Joleen & Brendan had a small guest list, a beautiful outdoor ceremony and the best party bus I have seen in all my years of wedding photography. They had lawn games, an amazing meal by Upstairs Downstairs  followed by an epic dance party.  


Hillary Reynolds Band

I met the Hillary Reynolds Band before their show for Mile of Music Festival in Appleton, Wi this last weekend for a photo shoot in a cornfield. I have done several shoots with Hillary but this was the first time I was able to meet the band,  they are quite lovely. Check out their music and see their tour dates to see if they are playing near you!

Katie & Trent (wedding)

Sun out, wind blowing and pretty people to document all day. Katie and Trent's wedding was such a beautiful day and at one of the prettiest venues I have been to in Wisconsin, Whistling Straits in Sheboygan. Katie and Trent are some friends of mine and when they got engaged and I got a text from Katie asking me to photograph the wedding, I squealed with excitement, for I knew this was going to be in love with every outfit and detail of the day -and I was right. Katie's dress had pockets, her hair was perfect, and their wedding party was a blast to work with. I am so happy for these two!


My Parents

Monday marked 35 years of marriage for my wonderful Parents and I happened to be in my hometown that day and they agreed to do a little shoot with me. My Parents and I just walked down to the park near their home called Alicia Park which was a gift to the city of Appleton from Alexander Reid in memory of his wife, Alice Conkey Reid back in 1910. A beautiful park and a perfect place to document two people as so in love.