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Andrea & Jeff's Rooftop wedding

A small gathering of close family and friends gathered on the rooftop of The Edgewater on a Saturday afternoon in August to witness Andrea and Jeff exchange their vows and although it looked like rain, the view was too beautiful to not risk getting a little wet. Following this beautiful ceremony (and the rain waited until we were all finished and inside) these two had their reception at The Bos Meadery with Underground catering one of the best meals we all ever had. A perfect day to celebrate a wonderful couple. andreajeff_blog-000andreajeff_blog-001andreajeff_blog-002andreajeff_blog-003andreajeff_blog-004andreajeff_blog-005andreajeff_blog-006andreajeff_blog-007andreajeff_blog-008andreajeff_blog-009andreajeff_blog-010andreajeff_blog-011andreajeff_blog-012andreajeff_blog-013andreajeff_blog-014andreajeff_blog-015andreajeff_blog-016andreajeff_blog-017andreajeff_blog-018andreajeff_blog-019andreajeff_blog-020andreajeff_blog-021andreajeff_blog-022andreajeff_blog-023andreajeff_blog-024andreajeff_blog-025andreajeff_blog-026andreajeff_blog-027andreajeff_blog-028andreajeff_blog-029andreajeff_blog-030andreajeff_blog-031andreajeff_blog-032andreajeff_blog-033andreajeff_blog-034andreajeff_blog-035andreajeff_blog-036andreajeff_blog-037andreajeff_blog-038andreajeff_blog-039andreajeff_blog-040andreajeff_blog-041andreajeff_blog-042andreajeff_blog-043andreajeff_blog-044andreajeff_blog-045andreajeff_blog-046andreajeff_blog-047andreajeff_blog-048andreajeff_blog-049andreajeff_blog-050andreajeff_blog-051andreajeff_blog-052andreajeff_blog-053andreajeff_blog-054andreajeff_blog-055andreajeff_blog-056andreajeff_blog-057andreajeff_blog-058andreajeff_blog-059andreajeff_blog-060andreajeff_blog-061andreajeff_blog-062andreajeff_blog-063andreajeff_blog-064andreajeff_blog-065andreajeff_blog-066

My Weekend Through My Lens

Madison, Wi is where I decided to live, and I couldn't be more happy with my city, my job and my community. I sit drinking my Monday morning coffee and reflect on my weekend of photo shoots and the community I surround myself with and I feel truly blessed. One of the biggest reasons why I love what I do is the variety of work that I can do with my collection of cameras- one day I do a fashion shoot, the next day I am documenting two of my best friends getting married  to a Sunday with a family at the park, catching up and documenting their ridiculously cute child. Here are a few photographs from those three shoots: black & white look book - Styled by the lovely Char

Katie and Maia got married this weekend, a small backyard wedding with a guest list of 17 - service was done by my wonderful boyfriend followed by an amazing dinner and bonfire:

Jessica and Joseph were my neighbors back in my college days- we would spend many late nights on the porch listening to records that would end in a dance party, I remember when joey proposed, i remember their lovely wedding day and now, years later they have a little girl that I get spend time with and document her life .