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Christine & Justin

I met Christine 2 years ago at a photography workshop in California when we were all walking back to our cabins in the dark, we shared a flashlight - small world when we both realized we were from Wisconsin. From that point we started an online friendship, passed weddings back and forth when the other one wasn't available. So when her and Justin made the move to Madison, I was excited to have them here! When we planned to do a shoot we decided the best way to welcome these two to Madison is to do a little walking around this lovely little place they now call home -- plus they are both super cute and fun.  


Andrea & Jeff

These two, just wow, I think a few tears came to my eyes just watching these two through my camera, the comfort and love these two have for each other is so beautiful, I really didn't want to stop photographing them. With Andrea currently living and working in the Netherlands it was a bit tricky to plan an engagement session before their August wedding, it was her last visit before the wedding and we spent a sunset together and I am so glad we did! 2016-07-16_00792016-07-16_00802016-07-16_00812016-07-16_00822016-07-16_00832016-07-16_00842016-07-16_00852016-07-16_00862016-07-16_00872016-07-16_00882016-07-16_00892016-07-16_00902016-07-16_00912016-07-16_00922016-07-16_00932016-07-16_00942016-07-16_00952016-07-16_0096

Caitlyn & Bryan

I get the chance to hang out with Caitlyn at the studio I work at from time to time, and I just love her, she is hilarious, sweet and just one of my favorites. A few weeks back Caitlyn and Bryan celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary and I got to celebrate with them by documenting their adorableness. I asked Caitlyn about their wedding and how he proposed to her and here it is in her words:

"We got married on Sept 29, 2012 and this coming Janurary we will have been together for 9 years. He was in my brothers band growing up and we started dating when I was 17. I went to California with my parents and my friend Brittney and I always get Bryan souveniers when I go on trips without him, -stupid things nothing fancy. So this time, we went to Bubba Gumps and I got him a fuzzy shrimp magnet. When I got home I gave him said magnet and he said, "I know you always get me gifts so I wanted to get you something." Of course he pulls out the rings and proposes in our living room. I have no idea what he really said but Kitty was next to him while he was on one knee and I started shouting, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" over and over. He finally said, "Yes, I have a ring!!!" All in all, I got a ring and Bryan got a fuzzy shrimp. We got married at Seno in Burlington which is a beautiful woodland center. The day was perfect so its hard to pick out a favorite moment. The weather was perfect, thank goodness because we didn't have a plan b, we were getting married outside no matter what. Seeing him at the ceremony was special because we didn't see each other before so he was all teary and cute. When we were anounced to the crowd our officiant accidently said "I present you, Mr. and Mrs. Williamson" so that was pretty funny since Bryan's last name is Mach. Overall, our wedding was wonderful. It was filled with friends and family from all over the country and looking back I wouldn't have changed anything. It was perfectly us. Not too much fuss, just fun. "




Bon Voyage, Elise.

Last week Madison had to say goodbye to the lovely Elise Hunt, who is currently road tripping out west to California after living here and working with us at ShopBop for the last 2 years. It is no secret that this lady will be missed, her spirit, her kindness and her ability to plan epic parties and dinner gatherings will be remembered and we all expect a visit from time to time. On Tuesday of last week some lovely ladies planned a party on a boat to send off Elise,  it was perfect weather, wonderful company and a great way for Elise to spend one her last days here in Madison, Wi --- and I took a few images.  


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Nature Walk

Sometimes before you start to set up a DIY wedding you need a little time in the woods. A few week back, my best friend, Elizabeth Rose got married and before the wedding I spent 3 days with some wonderful women in a cabin. Time with my girlfriends is a rare thing in my busy season, but something I need -- these women are lovely and inspiring and when my time is up, I always feel refreshed and inspired. Elizabeth Rose makes me all of my favorite jewelry, sends me the most beautiful mail and I get to spend many evenings on her porch in Appleton until the late hours of the night. Noelle and I just met on the trip, but it didn't feel that way, she is an amazing artist who has made a career out of  her talents,  the hats in these photographs are made by her, she is currently having a 30% off sale until the 4th, so visit her website here . Here is a series of images from Elizabeth, Noelle and I's  morning stroll in the woods, before Colleen arrived and we baked 100 cupcakes and made burrito fixings for 60 people.


Kate Ellen Metals

While I was in San Francisco I stopped in to meet kate and see her soon to be new storefront to take some photographs of her and her Father working together to renovate the place. If you aren't familiar with Kate Ellen and her wonderful Jewelry, please take a look at her website here - I have a pair of her earrings and since getting them, there really hasn't been a day where I didn't wear them. If you live in the Bay Area, come November check out the new store in Old Oakland on 9th and Washington.

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My Weekend Through My Lens

Madison, Wi is where I decided to live, and I couldn't be more happy with my city, my job and my community. I sit drinking my Monday morning coffee and reflect on my weekend of photo shoots and the community I surround myself with and I feel truly blessed. One of the biggest reasons why I love what I do is the variety of work that I can do with my collection of cameras- one day I do a fashion shoot, the next day I am documenting two of my best friends getting married  to a Sunday with a family at the park, catching up and documenting their ridiculously cute child. Here are a few photographs from those three shoots: black & white look book - Styled by the lovely Char

Katie and Maia got married this weekend, a small backyard wedding with a guest list of 17 - service was done by my wonderful boyfriend followed by an amazing dinner and bonfire:

Jessica and Joseph were my neighbors back in my college days- we would spend many late nights on the porch listening to records that would end in a dance party, I remember when joey proposed, i remember their lovely wedding day and now, years later they have a little girl that I get spend time with and document her life .