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Caitlyn & Bryan

I get the chance to hang out with Caitlyn at the studio I work at from time to time, and I just love her, she is hilarious, sweet and just one of my favorites. A few weeks back Caitlyn and Bryan celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary and I got to celebrate with them by documenting their adorableness. I asked Caitlyn about their wedding and how he proposed to her and here it is in her words:

"We got married on Sept 29, 2012 and this coming Janurary we will have been together for 9 years. He was in my brothers band growing up and we started dating when I was 17. I went to California with my parents and my friend Brittney and I always get Bryan souveniers when I go on trips without him, -stupid things nothing fancy. So this time, we went to Bubba Gumps and I got him a fuzzy shrimp magnet. When I got home I gave him said magnet and he said, "I know you always get me gifts so I wanted to get you something." Of course he pulls out the rings and proposes in our living room. I have no idea what he really said but Kitty was next to him while he was on one knee and I started shouting, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" over and over. He finally said, "Yes, I have a ring!!!" All in all, I got a ring and Bryan got a fuzzy shrimp. We got married at Seno in Burlington which is a beautiful woodland center. The day was perfect so its hard to pick out a favorite moment. The weather was perfect, thank goodness because we didn't have a plan b, we were getting married outside no matter what. Seeing him at the ceremony was special because we didn't see each other before so he was all teary and cute. When we were anounced to the crowd our officiant accidently said "I present you, Mr. and Mrs. Williamson" so that was pretty funny since Bryan's last name is Mach. Overall, our wedding was wonderful. It was filled with friends and family from all over the country and looking back I wouldn't have changed anything. It was perfectly us. Not too much fuss, just fun. "