audre rae photography


Nature Walk

Sometimes before you start to set up a DIY wedding you need a little time in the woods. A few week back, my best friend, Elizabeth Rose got married and before the wedding I spent 3 days with some wonderful women in a cabin. Time with my girlfriends is a rare thing in my busy season, but something I need -- these women are lovely and inspiring and when my time is up, I always feel refreshed and inspired. Elizabeth Rose makes me all of my favorite jewelry, sends me the most beautiful mail and I get to spend many evenings on her porch in Appleton until the late hours of the night. Noelle and I just met on the trip, but it didn't feel that way, she is an amazing artist who has made a career out of  her talents,  the hats in these photographs are made by her, she is currently having a 30% off sale until the 4th, so visit her website here . Here is a series of images from Elizabeth, Noelle and I's  morning stroll in the woods, before Colleen arrived and we baked 100 cupcakes and made burrito fixings for 60 people.