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B and Maria's Madison Wedding

In the fall of 2017 I got an email from B’s mom asking if I could document her son proposing to his girlfriend - I had never photographed a proposal and it was such a wonderful thing to witness. A few months after that I was able to meet up again with these two to photograph some engagement photographs at the Edgewood Campus, which is where these two met. On June 1st, 2019 I got to witness and document these two get married - there was not a dry eye during that ceremony - it was a beautiful day.

Kaylee & Nathan's Winter Engagement

I met up with Kaylee and Nathan at one of their favorite spots in Madison followed by a walk at Picnic Point on a drizzling, foggy January day and it was kind of perfect. I loved photographing these two, they weren't distracted by my camera at all and enjoyed an afternoon together and I had so much fun! Can't wait for their wedding this summer!

Maggie and Tim's Library Wedding

Weddings can be stressful for everyone involved but not Maggie and Tim's wedding. From the moment I showed up to the time that I left everything went smoothly and everyone was full of joy, it was a dream to be apart of. These two are dear souls, they picked my favorite place to shoot at, they had a beautiful ceremony led by their Yoga instructor, a meal provided by Heritage and some of the most amazing speeches I've heard this year. I would redo this day it was that good.

Andrea & Jeff's Rooftop wedding

A small gathering of close family and friends gathered on the rooftop of The Edgewater on a Saturday afternoon in August to witness Andrea and Jeff exchange their vows and although it looked like rain, the view was too beautiful to not risk getting a little wet. Following this beautiful ceremony (and the rain waited until we were all finished and inside) these two had their reception at The Bos Meadery with Underground catering one of the best meals we all ever had. A perfect day to celebrate a wonderful couple. andreajeff_blog-000andreajeff_blog-001andreajeff_blog-002andreajeff_blog-003andreajeff_blog-004andreajeff_blog-005andreajeff_blog-006andreajeff_blog-007andreajeff_blog-008andreajeff_blog-009andreajeff_blog-010andreajeff_blog-011andreajeff_blog-012andreajeff_blog-013andreajeff_blog-014andreajeff_blog-015andreajeff_blog-016andreajeff_blog-017andreajeff_blog-018andreajeff_blog-019andreajeff_blog-020andreajeff_blog-021andreajeff_blog-022andreajeff_blog-023andreajeff_blog-024andreajeff_blog-025andreajeff_blog-026andreajeff_blog-027andreajeff_blog-028andreajeff_blog-029andreajeff_blog-030andreajeff_blog-031andreajeff_blog-032andreajeff_blog-033andreajeff_blog-034andreajeff_blog-035andreajeff_blog-036andreajeff_blog-037andreajeff_blog-038andreajeff_blog-039andreajeff_blog-040andreajeff_blog-041andreajeff_blog-042andreajeff_blog-043andreajeff_blog-044andreajeff_blog-045andreajeff_blog-046andreajeff_blog-047andreajeff_blog-048andreajeff_blog-049andreajeff_blog-050andreajeff_blog-051andreajeff_blog-052andreajeff_blog-053andreajeff_blog-054andreajeff_blog-055andreajeff_blog-056andreajeff_blog-057andreajeff_blog-058andreajeff_blog-059andreajeff_blog-060andreajeff_blog-061andreajeff_blog-062andreajeff_blog-063andreajeff_blog-064andreajeff_blog-065andreajeff_blog-066

Jenny & Bobby - Garden Wedding

Madison is filled with wonderful people and Jenny & Bobby are two of those gems. I had the chance to meet these two last summer for coffee to chat wedding and then again at their dear friends Maddie and Bret's wedding (another pair of wonderful people) and we all hit it off - So when these two wanted me to document their day, I got really excited. These two were so much fun during their engagement session last fall and since then I couldn't wait to be apart of their day. Their wedding was wonderful, I think I cried a total of 10 times, these two are so filled with love for each other and their family and friends are all so wonderful and supportive and really fun people. If I could, I would do this day all over again because it was really just a perfect day. jenbob_blogfinal-000jenbob_blogfinal-001jenbob_blogfinal-002jenbob_blogfinal-003jenbob_blogfinal-004jenbob_blogfinal-005jenbob_blogfinal-006jenbob_blogfinal-007jenbob_blogfinal-008jenbob_blogfinal-009jenbob_blogfinal-010jenbob_blogfinal-011jenbob_blogfinal-012jenbob_blogfinal-013jenbob_blogfinal-014jenbob_blogfinal-015jenbob_blogfinal-016jenbob_blogfinal-017jenbob_blogfinal-018jenbob_blogfinal-019jenbob_blogfinal-020jenbob_blogfinal-021jenbob_blogfinal-022jenbob_blogfinal-023jenbob_blogfinal-024jenbob_blogfinal-025jenbob_blogfinal-026jenbob_blogfinal-027jenbob_blogfinal-028jenbob_blogfinal-029jenbob_blogfinal-030jenbob_blogfinal-031jenbob_blogfinal-032jenbob_blogfinal-033jenbob_blogfinal-034jenbob_blogfinal-035jenbob_blogfinal-036jenbob_blogfinal-037jenbob_blogfinal-038jenbob_blogfinal-039jenbob_blogfinal-040jenbob_blogfinal-041jenbob_blogfinal-042jenbob_blogfinal-043jenbob_blogfinal-044jenbob_blogfinal-045jenbob_blogfinal-046jenbob_blogfinal-047jenbob_blogfinal-048jenbob_blogfinal-049jenbob_blogfinal-050jenbob_blogfinal-051jenbob_blogfinal-052jenbob_blogfinal-053jenbob_blogfinal-054

Alex & Niels

Gates of Heaven has been one of my favorite places in Madison since my college days. My first 3 years living here, I got to vote there, the band I play in along with many others in town had the first Wintersong there, and I've witnessed a few beautiful, intimate weddings there - Alex and Niels' included. A beautiful ceremony done by their dear friend and an epic high five to seal the marriage deal. Then Alex and Niels picked another favorite place of mine for their party, The Children's Museum, where adults get to be kids all night long -- cocktail party on the beautiful rooftop followed by giant slides, a hamster wheel and a dance party --- basically the best day ever. 2016-07-06_00012016-07-06_00022016-07-06_00032016-07-06_00042016-07-06_00052016-07-06_00062016-07-06_00072016-07-06_00082016-07-06_00092016-07-06_00102016-07-06_00112016-07-06_00122016-07-06_00132016-07-06_00142016-07-06_00152016-07-06_00162016-07-06_00172016-07-06_00182016-07-06_00192016-07-06_00202016-07-06_00212016-07-06_00222016-07-06_00232016-07-06_00242016-07-06_00252016-07-06_00262016-07-06_00272016-07-06_00282016-07-06_00292016-07-06_00302016-07-06_00312016-07-06_00322016-07-06_00332016-07-06_00342016-07-06_00352016-07-06_00362016-07-06_00372016-07-06_00382016-07-06_00392016-07-06_00402016-07-06_00412016-07-06_00422016-07-06_00432016-07-06_00442016-07-06_00452016-07-06_00462016-07-06_00472016-07-06_00482016-07-06_00492016-07-06_00502016-07-06_00512016-07-06_00522016-07-06_00532016-07-06_00542016-07-06_00552016-07-06_00562016-07-06_00572016-07-06_00582016-07-06_00592016-07-06_00602016-07-06_00612016-07-06_00622016-07-06_0063

Maddie & Bret

I left this wedding feeling like I was on a cloud - this wedding made me appreciate community and this wonderful city I live in. On the last weekend of August Maddie and Bret got married right next to the tree I often sit in and read at Giddings Park -- it was such a perfect thing to happen in that beautiful little tucked away park people often forget about. 2015-09-18_00012015-09-18_00022015-09-18_00032015-09-18_00042015-09-18_00052015-09-18_00062015-09-18_00072015-09-18_00082015-09-18_00092015-09-18_00102015-09-18_00112015-09-18_00122015-09-18_00132015-09-18_00142015-09-18_00152015-09-18_00162015-09-18_00172015-09-18_00182015-09-18_00192015-09-18_00202015-09-18_00212015-09-18_00222015-09-18_00232015-09-18_00242015-09-18_00252015-09-18_00262015-09-18_00272015-09-18_00282015-09-18_00292015-09-18_00302015-09-18_00312015-09-18_00322015-09-18_00332015-09-18_00342015-09-18_00352015-09-18_00362015-09-18_00372015-09-18_00382015-09-18_00392015-09-18_00402015-09-18_00412015-09-18_00422015-09-18_00432015-09-18_00442015-09-18_00452015-09-18_00462015-09-18_00472015-09-18_0048 My favorite moment of the day was the New Orleans Second Line March to the reception bar. I'm such a sucker for a community of people supporting a couple in their decision to get married by taking over the streets and dance about it - it was beautiful and it is so lovely to see all the people coming out of their homes to smile, clap and congratulate the couple -- personally I think this is a way better way of letting people know you got hitched than update your Facebook status. 2015-09-18_00492015-09-18_00502015-09-18_00512015-09-18_00522015-09-18_00532015-09-18_00542015-09-18_00552015-09-18_00562015-09-18_00572015-09-18_00582015-09-18_00592015-09-18_00602015-09-18_00612015-09-18_00622015-09-18_00632015-09-18_00642015-09-18_00652015-09-18_0066

Larissa & Jake's Madison Wedding

"This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often. If you don't like something, change it. If you don't like your job, quit. If you don't have enough time, stop watching TV. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love. Stop over analyzing, life is simple. All emotions are beautiful. When you eat, appreciate every last bite. Open your mind, arms, and heart to new things and people, we are united in our differences. Ask the next person you see what their passion is, and share your inspiring dream with them. Travel often; getting love will help you find yourself. Some opportunities only come once, seize them. Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them so go out and start creating. Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion." A beautiful quote that Larissa & Jake had at everyone's dinner table and something that will now live on my refrigerator and I will think about August 23rd, the date these lovely two got married, a little rainy and a little too humid but it didn't matter for these two celebrated their love with their friends and family. 2014-09-17_00012014-09-17_00022014-09-17_00032014-09-17_00042014-09-17_00052014-09-17_00062014-09-17_00072014-09-17_00082014-09-17_00092014-09-17_00102014-09-17_00112014-09-17_00122014-09-17_00132014-09-17_00142014-09-17_00152014-09-17_00162014-09-17_00172014-09-17_00182014-09-17_00192014-09-17_00202014-09-17_00212014-09-17_00222014-09-17_00232014-09-17_00242014-09-17_00252014-09-17_00262014-09-17_00272014-09-17_00282014-09-17_00292014-09-17_00302014-09-17_00312014-09-17_00322014-09-17_00332014-09-17_00342014-09-17_00352014-09-17_00362014-09-17_00372014-09-17_00382014-09-17_00392014-09-17_00402014-09-17_00412014-09-17_00422014-09-17_00432014-09-17_00442014-09-17_00452014-09-17_00462014-09-17_00472014-09-17_00482014-09-17_00492014-09-17_00502014-09-17_0051