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Maddie & Bret

I left this wedding feeling like I was on a cloud - this wedding made me appreciate community and this wonderful city I live in. On the last weekend of August Maddie and Bret got married right next to the tree I often sit in and read at Giddings Park -- it was such a perfect thing to happen in that beautiful little tucked away park people often forget about. 2015-09-18_00012015-09-18_00022015-09-18_00032015-09-18_00042015-09-18_00052015-09-18_00062015-09-18_00072015-09-18_00082015-09-18_00092015-09-18_00102015-09-18_00112015-09-18_00122015-09-18_00132015-09-18_00142015-09-18_00152015-09-18_00162015-09-18_00172015-09-18_00182015-09-18_00192015-09-18_00202015-09-18_00212015-09-18_00222015-09-18_00232015-09-18_00242015-09-18_00252015-09-18_00262015-09-18_00272015-09-18_00282015-09-18_00292015-09-18_00302015-09-18_00312015-09-18_00322015-09-18_00332015-09-18_00342015-09-18_00352015-09-18_00362015-09-18_00372015-09-18_00382015-09-18_00392015-09-18_00402015-09-18_00412015-09-18_00422015-09-18_00432015-09-18_00442015-09-18_00452015-09-18_00462015-09-18_00472015-09-18_0048 My favorite moment of the day was the New Orleans Second Line March to the reception bar. I'm such a sucker for a community of people supporting a couple in their decision to get married by taking over the streets and dance about it - it was beautiful and it is so lovely to see all the people coming out of their homes to smile, clap and congratulate the couple -- personally I think this is a way better way of letting people know you got hitched than update your Facebook status. 2015-09-18_00492015-09-18_00502015-09-18_00512015-09-18_00522015-09-18_00532015-09-18_00542015-09-18_00552015-09-18_00562015-09-18_00572015-09-18_00582015-09-18_00592015-09-18_00602015-09-18_00612015-09-18_00622015-09-18_00632015-09-18_00642015-09-18_00652015-09-18_0066