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Jessica & Andy's Winter Wedding

It was cold but it didn't matter for these two! Jessica had her eye on this chapel for years knowing that one day she would get married there and on January 6th at sunset she married her best friend next to a roaring fire surrounded by all of their loved ones. I loved this day, a day filled with so much love and joy, there was so much thought put into every moment and Jessica and Andy braved the cold for photographs. After they ceremony in Oshkosh, we all drove to Neenah to Zuppas where the celebration continued with a wonderful meal, beautiful speeches and a table full of homemade pies and chocolates! Jessica and Andy, I am so happy you picked me to document this day, I am so happy for the two of you!

Hillary & Ted's Wisconsin Wedding

Truth is I've been sitting on this blog for 2 days now, I've done this because the love I have for this day is hard for me to put into words. I have been blessed to know Hillary and Ted since middle school, I watched their love grow into what it is today and I am so thankful that I got to be the one to document their wedding day. As I pulled up to Ted's family cabin and when I came in and saw Hillary, I got choked up -- it was the day that Hillary and Ted get married and I knew it was going to be magic from start to finish. You guys, I was right, from their first look and cribbage game, to the light and words during the ceremony, to everyone ever singing beautifully on the back porch including the lovely bride and her band, Peridot to the meal being one from one of my favorite caterers, Heirloom Kitchen, to the many amazing toasts to the father daughter dance where Hillary's Grandpa sang to Ted's Mom Singing to Ted's Dad playing Trumpet to Hillary's family band making the dance party happen. I would photograph this day everyday. Hillary and Ted, you two are gems, your love is magic, your family and friends are the best and I am so grateful I know you both, thank you for having me at your wedding, in the words of Hillary, love you more,

Audre Rae

Adam & Rob's Milwaukee Wedding

I genuinely love my job and enjoy documenting two people who love each other exchange vows in front of their loved ones. I am thankful for the couples who give me full creative freedom, who trust me to document them as them and Adam and Rob did just that. On October 22nd, 2016 I got to document Adam and Rob get ready in their amazing apartment, walk around the grounds in which they live as well as were getting married in, then exchange their vows in a perfect chapel by a wonderful woman who spoke of love and community and made basically everyone cry followed by a celebration of all things Adam and Rob -- It was a perfect day to be apart of as well as photograph. Adam and Rob, I love you both, I am so beyond happy that you two have found each other and thank you for asking me to document your wedding. adamrobson__blog_000adamrobson__blog_001adamrobson__blog_002adamrobson__blog_003adamrobson__blog_004adamrobson__blog_005adamrobson__blog_006adamrobson__blog_007adamrobson__blog_008adamrobson__blog_009adamrobson__blog_010adamrobson__blog_011adamrobson__blog_012adamrobson__blog_013adamrobson__blog_014adamrobson__blog_015adamrobson__blog_016adamrobson__blog_017adamrobson__blog_018adamrobson__blog_019adamrobson__blog_020adamrobson__blog_021adamrobson__blog_022adamrobson__blog_023adamrobson__blog_024adamrobson__blog_025adamrobson__blog_026adamrobson__blog_027adamrobson__blog_028adamrobson__blog_029adamrobson__blog_030adamrobson__blog_031adamrobson__blog_032adamrobson__blog_033adamrobson__blog_034adamrobson__blog_035adamrobson__blog_036adamrobson__blog_037adamrobson__blog_040adamrobson__blog_038adamrobson__blog_039adamrobson__blog_041adamrobson__blog_042adamrobson__blog_043adamrobson__blog_044adamrobson__blog_045adamrobson__blog_046adamrobson__blog_047adamrobson__blog_048adamrobson__blog_049adamrobson__blog_050adamrobson__blog_051adamrobson__blog_052adamrobson__blog_053adamrobson__blog_054adamrobson__blog_055adamrobson__blog_056adamrobson__blog_057adamrobson__blog_058adamrobson__blog_059adamrobson__blog_060adamrobson__blog_061adamrobson__blog_062adamrobson__blog_063adamrobson__blog_064adamrobson__blog_065adamrobson__blog_066adamrobson__blog_067adamrobson__blog_068adamrobson__blog_069adamrobson__blog_070adamrobson__blog_071adamrobson__blog_072



Jenny & Bobby - Garden Wedding

Madison is filled with wonderful people and Jenny & Bobby are two of those gems. I had the chance to meet these two last summer for coffee to chat wedding and then again at their dear friends Maddie and Bret's wedding (another pair of wonderful people) and we all hit it off - So when these two wanted me to document their day, I got really excited. These two were so much fun during their engagement session last fall and since then I couldn't wait to be apart of their day. Their wedding was wonderful, I think I cried a total of 10 times, these two are so filled with love for each other and their family and friends are all so wonderful and supportive and really fun people. If I could, I would do this day all over again because it was really just a perfect day. jenbob_blogfinal-000jenbob_blogfinal-001jenbob_blogfinal-002jenbob_blogfinal-003jenbob_blogfinal-004jenbob_blogfinal-005jenbob_blogfinal-006jenbob_blogfinal-007jenbob_blogfinal-008jenbob_blogfinal-009jenbob_blogfinal-010jenbob_blogfinal-011jenbob_blogfinal-012jenbob_blogfinal-013jenbob_blogfinal-014jenbob_blogfinal-015jenbob_blogfinal-016jenbob_blogfinal-017jenbob_blogfinal-018jenbob_blogfinal-019jenbob_blogfinal-020jenbob_blogfinal-021jenbob_blogfinal-022jenbob_blogfinal-023jenbob_blogfinal-024jenbob_blogfinal-025jenbob_blogfinal-026jenbob_blogfinal-027jenbob_blogfinal-028jenbob_blogfinal-029jenbob_blogfinal-030jenbob_blogfinal-031jenbob_blogfinal-032jenbob_blogfinal-033jenbob_blogfinal-034jenbob_blogfinal-035jenbob_blogfinal-036jenbob_blogfinal-037jenbob_blogfinal-038jenbob_blogfinal-039jenbob_blogfinal-040jenbob_blogfinal-041jenbob_blogfinal-042jenbob_blogfinal-043jenbob_blogfinal-044jenbob_blogfinal-045jenbob_blogfinal-046jenbob_blogfinal-047jenbob_blogfinal-048jenbob_blogfinal-049jenbob_blogfinal-050jenbob_blogfinal-051jenbob_blogfinal-052jenbob_blogfinal-053jenbob_blogfinal-054