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Mike & Kate Wade

I met Mike & Kate on Skype over a year ago to get to know them as well as talk about their wedding, at the time they were both living and working in Philadelphia – Kate was working in Finance and Mike was in Fashion. After talking with these two, I felt so excited for their wedding, not only are these two sweet, beautiful and best friends but they have amazing taste. A few months after we Skyped, I met Kate & Mike in Milwaukee for their engagement session, I had so much fun wandering the city with them to capture their humor and love. Between that and their wedding, I received a letter letting me know that they had moved to New York because Mike accepted a job at Rag & Bone, a brand that I love and a very exciting job to get. After a year of change and adventure, these lovely Wisconsinites turned New Yorkers and came back on May 24th to have a very Wisconsin wedding at Mulberry Lane Farms in Sherwood with perfect weather and a wonderful group of friends and family to help celebrate their love. final_blog000final_blog001final_blog003final_blog004final_blog005final_blog006final_blog007final_blog008final_blog010final_blog011final_blog012final_blog013final_blog014final_blog015final_blog016final_blog017final_blog018final_blog019final_blog020final_blog021final_blog022final_blog023final_blog024final_blog025final_blog026final_blog027final_blog028final_blog029final_blog030final_blog031final_blog032final_blog033final_blog034final_blog035final_blog036final_blog037final_blog038final_blog039final_blog040final_blog041final_blog042final_blog043final_blog044final_blog045final_blog046final_blog047final_blog048final_blog049final_blog050final_blog051final_blog052final_blog053final_blog054final_blog055final_blog056final_blog057final_blog058final_blog059final_blog060final_blog061final_blog062final_blog063final_blog064final_blog065final_blog066final_blog067final_blog068final_blog069final_blog070final_blog071final_blog072final_blog073final_blog074final_blog075final_blog076final_blog077final_blog078final_blog079final_blog080final_blog081final_blog082final_blog083final_blog084final_blog085final_blog086final_blog087final_blog088final_blog089