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Johnson Crew

At least once a year I get to hang out with the Johnson crew with my camera and this time was extra special for they have a new member in the family - meet baby Etta. This time we spent the morning at their home, making coffee, eating breakfast and trying to get Asher to not cry every time I pointed the camera at him. A morning at the Johnson house.. jcrew_blog_000jcrew_blog_001jcrew_blog_002jcrew_blog_003jcrew_blog_004jcrew_blog_005jcrew_blog_006jcrew_blog_007jcrew_blog_008jcrew_blog_009jcrew_blog_010jcrew_blog_011jcrew_blog_012jcrew_blog_013jcrew_blog_014jcrew_blog_015jcrew_blog_016jcrew_blog_017jcrew_blog_018jcrew_blog_019jcrew_blog_020jcrew_blog_021jcrew_blog_022jcrew_blog_023jcrew_blog_024jcrew_blog_025jcrew_blog_026