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The Sanders & Endicott Children

A few weeks back on a Sunday afternoon I took the beautiful trip out to Monroe Wisconsin, a place everyone must visit, to meet up with a family who I have become friends with to capture some images of their 2 daughters and their 2 nephews as well. I went out in the yard with the 4 kids who all now have hung out in front of my camera a few times now to capture their ridiculousness -- enjoy. sanders_blog_000sanders_blog_001sanders_blog_002sanders_blog_003sanders_blog_004sanders_blog_005sanders_blog_006sanders_blog_007sanders_blog_008sanders_blog_009sanders_blog_010sanders_blog_011sanders_blog_012sanders_blog_013sanders_blog_014sanders_blog_015

Mike & Kate

Last Monday I got together with Mike and Kate who live in Philadelphia but were in Wisconsin just for a few days to get some wedding planning done. We met in Milwaukee in the Third Ward and finished our shoot in the fog by the lake, it was quite magical. These two are lovely and were so much fun to work with, they truly are best friends and I can't wait for their wedding next May.

Instagram Life

I decided I should follow the photographer blog trend a dedicate a post to my favorite Instagram images. I am so grateful for my life, I love the people I spend my days with and I love the work that I do. Instagram allows me to quickly document my day to day, something that I find is very important - I love being able to follow my friends all over this world to stay in touch with them visually - here is a collection of my beautiful life through the filters of instagram: