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Isak & Clara's Wedding

On March 1st in Horred, Sweden I documented Isak & Clara's wedding celebration. A car full of girls picked me up in the morning and drove to the next city over to go to the salon where Clara got her hair done and her girls got ready in the waiting area. When we returned to Horred we went to the apartment for Clara to put on her wedding dress that her now sister-in-law made for her and we left the place for Isak and Clara to share their first look alone, as much as I love documenting that moment, sometimes moments are meant to be shared alone and I love that I wasn't invited. It called for rain but it never came, we drove to a few locations for images before the ceremony and made it to the church with 1 minute to spare --- The ceremony was beautiful, although I didn't know what was going on since it was all in Swedish, but there were still moment where my eyes filled with tears and I found myself laughing with everyone (luckily they translated the program for me so I didn't miss the kiss). After the ceremony, Isak, Clara and myself went to a few more places for photographs but made it quickly to the reception where guest were waiting to greet them. There was an amazing dinner was made by Clara, Isak and their families and served by friends. The rest of the evening was spent listening to stories of the couple, songs their family and friends wrote and a little dance between the new married couple -- a beautiful day filled with so much laughter and quite a few tears as well -- this couple has such a beautiful community surrounding them and it was a beautiful day to be apart of. sweden2_blog_000sweden2_blog_001sweden2_blog_002sweden2_blog_003sweden2_blog_004sweden2_blog_005sweden2_blog_006sweden2_blog_007sweden2_blog_008sweden2_blog_009sweden2_blog_010sweden2_blog_011sweden2_blog_012sweden2_blog_013sweden2_blog_014sweden2_blog_015sweden2_blog_016sweden2_blog_017sweden2_blog_018sweden2_blog_020sweden2_blog_021sweden2_blog_022sweden2_blog_023sweden2_blog_024sweden2_blog_025sweden2_blog_026sweden2_blog_027sweden2_blog_028sweden2_blog_029sweden2_blog_030sweden2_blog_031sweden2_blog_032sweden2_blog_033sweden2_blog_034sweden2_blog_035sweden2_blog_036sweden2_blog_037sweden2_blog_038sweden2_blog_039sweden2_blog_040sweden2_blog_041sweden2_blog_042sweden2_blog_043sweden2_blog_044sweden2_blog_045sweden2_blog_046sweden2_blog_047sweden2_blog_048sweden2_blog_049sweden2_blog_050sweden2_blog_051sweden2_blog_052sweden2_blog_053sweden2_blog_055sweden2_blog_056sweden2_blog_057sweden2_blog_058sweden2_blog_059sweden2_blog_060sweden2_blog_061sweden2_blog_062sweden2_blog_063sweden2_blog_064sweden2_blog_065sweden2_blog_066sweden2_blog_067sweden2_blog_068sweden2_blog_069sweden2_blog_070sweden2_blog_071sweden2_blog_072sweden2_blog_073sweden2_blog_074sweden2_blog_075sweden2_blog_076sweden2_blog_077sweden2_blog_078sweden2_blog_079sweden2_blog_080sweden2_blog_082sweden2_blog_083sweden2_blog_084sweden2_blog_085sweden2_blog_086sweden2_blog_087sweden2_blog_088sweden2_blog_089sweden2_blog_090sweden2_blog_091sweden2_blog_092