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My Weekend in Leipzig

The last part of my trip was in Leipzig, a beautiful city only 120 mile and only a 1 hour train ride from Berlin. My dear friend Katie Krol studies there and she took the a few days off to show me around the city and I was finally able to meet her boyfriend, Lukas. My time spent in Leipzig with these two was wonderful and although I got sick, I have Katie and Lukas to thank who made me tea, soup and watched Harry Potter movies with me all day. When I wasn't sick we spent our time wandering the city,  eating amazing food and meeting up with Katie's friends. If you ever find yourself in Germany, try to make a trip to Leipzig, I only wish I would have had more time to explore. 2014-03-31_00012014-03-31_00022014-03-31_00032014-03-31_00042014-03-31_00052014-03-31_00062014-03-31_00072014-03-31_00082014-03-31_00092014-03-31_00102014-03-31_00112014-03-31_00122014-03-31_00132014-03-31_00142014-03-31_00152014-03-31_00162014-03-31_00172014-03-31_00182014-03-31_00192014-03-31_00202014-03-31_00212014-03-31_00222014-03-31_00232014-03-31_00242014-03-31_00252014-03-31_00262014-03-31_00272014-03-31_00282014-03-31_0029