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Laura & Josh Wedding Day 1

I am a huge fan of weddings in 2 parts and this is exactly what Laura and Josh did. Months ago I skyped with these two about their upcoming wedding plans, at the time it was set for everything on Saturday but as their plans formed they called to ask if I was also available the friday before -- They wanted to have a small ceremony with immediate family and have a big party the following day with everyone in their lives -- a wonderful way to make the one day last a little longer and a chance to do two photoshoots! So today I will blog about their first day and next week I'll have their party up.  

Their story in Laura's words: "Josh was out to dinner meeting his best friend's new boyfriend. This boyfriend was doing a stand up comedy show at the bar next door so they all met for dinner first. Laura was their server. Josh flirted. So did Laura. At the end of the meal, Josh left a note for Laura in the bill telling her about the comedy show and inviting her to join for a drink after work.

At the end of her shift, Laura couldn't decide whether or not to go - because that's weird, right?! She started walking over but then changed her mind and started walking away and then back and forth a couple of times...all in front of the wall of windows of the restaurant where a co-worker was inside prodding her to go. Finally Laura stepped inside to find that no one was there! But a beer was needed after all that deliberation. A creepy old man at the bar started attempting a chat when all of the sudden people started pouring out of the back room (previously unknown to Laura) where the comedy show had taken place. And sure enough Josh was there to save Laura from the old creeper at the bar!"

These two are wonderful, I've had the opportunity to spend some time with them through their wedding planning process and I am so happy to have been apart of their wedding weekend.