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Ashley and Jake's Bowery Barn Wedding

Ashley and Jake share so much love and not just for one another but for the people they have in their lives. I was blown away by all the little touches these two had for their friends and their family on their wedding day. Every person in the wedding party I got to talk to, I got to hear about their friendship with the couple, how long they have known the couple and it was so wonderful to hear. With the timeline slightly off, when Ashley told me she wanted to give gifts to her wedding party before putting her dress on and in all honesty, the timeline went off in my head but I am so beyond glad that we took the time to do this - it was an honest slap in the face for me documenting this moment, watching her ladies read the words Ashley sat down and wrote to them, watching the Mothers open their gifts and have their eyes instantly filled with tears and watching Ashley go around the whole room hugging each of her women and thank them for being here with her reminded me of why I do this and why I am so grateful to meet and work with people like Ashley and Jake. This day was wonderful, filled with so many people who love and support this couple, a beautiful ceremony outdoors, an epic dance party and late night cheese curds - couldn’t have a better night in Wisconsin. I had a wonderful second shooter with me on this day, Nikki Hanson.

Audre Krull