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Alyssa & Robb's Wedding Day

After this wedding I went back to my hotel room and sat down and tried to write out how I was feeling - I knew writing this blog was going to be hard because I would want to write out a novel of why this day was so great, I’ll try to get to the point. Alyssa and Robb have been a family since day one, in fact I am pretty sure they talked about having children on their first date. These two are wonderful parents to a sweet boy named Beckett and their wedding day was a celebrations of what they have and will continue to have for each other - love, support, a partner and a family. There wasn’t a dry eye throughout the day (you guessed it, mine included) every moment felt warm and fuzzy, everything - I was on a cloud photographing this story, photographing their love for one another, photographing the support of their friends and their family. I love these two, I’m happy I get to call them my friends and I am so freaking happy they found each other.

Audre Krull