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Nora Turns 10

Nora turned 10 on June 3rd - to me this was a big one, I’ve had this little lady in front of my camera since she was a baby. I spent a few days a week with her as a small child, taking her to Victory Cafe for baby lattes (which was very lightly steamed milk) I took her to the Children’s Museum and would shoot a few rolls of film of her exploring the space - I travelled with her family to Colorado as well as Namibia - still two of my favorite trips to this day. Basically Nora has been a part of my life now for 10 years and I love her and her family dearly, I look up to this families way of life, this magical gatherings of folks- they have built a lovely home and space for gatherings and I always leave feeling inspired and refreshed after some time in the Gagnon home. So when Sarah asked me to do a session with them before and during Nora’s 10th birthday party, I was very excited. Below is a collection of images of the Gagnon family and then the beginning of Nora’s camp out birthday party.

Audre Krull