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Larissa & Jake

A few days days after Christmas I met up with Larissa and Jake for some coffee, story time and an engagement session. These two have been together for over 10 years, they  met in a small Wisconsin town, went to college in Madison and now live and work in Chicago. I had such a wonderful time getting to know these two and hearing about their recent adventure, where they drove an Auto Rickshaw 3000km across India - if you would like to see their adventure through Jake's video series, visit his youtube page here - pretty incredible. These two will be getting married this coming August and I am very much so looking forward to documenting it. larissajake_blog__000larissajake_blog__001larissajake_blog__002larissajake_blog__003larissajake_blog__004larissajake_blog__005larissajake_blog__006larissajake_blog__007larissajake_blog__008larissajake_blog__009larissajake_blog__010larissajake_blog__011larissajake_blog__012larissajake_blog__013larissajake_blog__014larissajake_blog__015larissajake_blog__016larissajake_blog__017larissajake_blog__018larissajake_blog__019larissajake_blog__020larissajake_blog__021larissajake_blog__022larissajake_blog__023larissajake_blog__024