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Baking Bread

On the day before the wedding I went over to Isak and Clara's place to help bake 150+ buns for their wedding dinner. In Sweden it seems to be a popular tradition for the couple and family to make the dinner for their wedding guests, something I find amazing and such a personal touch to a wedding, a community coming together to create a meal is one of my favorite things ever and I was so happy to be apart of it.  when my hands weren't filled with flour and dough, I grabbed some photographs of Isak and Clara's teamwork to get the meal prepared -- and I never did get an image of the end result due to my dedication, I turned baker instead of photographer and forgot about my camera, a very rare occasion. swedenday3_blog_040swedenday3_blog_041swedenday3_blog_042swedenday3_blog_043swedenday3_blog_044swedenday3_blog_045swedenday3_blog_046swedenday3_blog_047swedenday3_blog_048swedenday3_blog_049swedenday3_blog_050swedenday3_blog_051swedenday3_blog_052swedenday3_blog_053