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Nora Turns 5

Oh my darling Nora, my dear little friend has turned 5! I have known this sweet girl since she was a baby, I would spend every Thursday afternoon with her and she became a subject in many of my photographs through the years and will continue to be so through her childhood. Nora is a big reason why photographing children is my favorite - no insecurities, no 'good side' just pure joy and true candids. When I get to spend an afternoon with her with my camera at my side, I feel like I can really document her - she doesn't have a pintrest board, she doesn't say 'can you photoshop out my (insert an insecurity), she just is, and I get to document her - and it makes me remember why I am and continue to work on being the best photographer I can be. I wish we could go back to the mindset of a 5 year old, get the pintrest mindset out, get rid of the insecurities and just be - so I hope this set of images from Nora's 5th princess themed birthday party helps awaken your 5 year old self. nora5th_blog000nora5th_blog001nora5th_blog002nora5th_blog003nora5th_blog004nora5th_blog005nora5th_blog006nora5th_blog007nora5th_blog008nora5th_blog009nora5th_blog010nora5th_blog011nora5th_blog012nora5th_blog013nora5th_blog014nora5th_blog015nora5th_blog016nora5th_blog017nora5th_blog018nora5th_blog019nora5th_blog020nora5th_blog021nora5th_blog022nora5th_blog023nora5th_blog024nora5th_blog025nora5th_blog026nora5th_blog027nora5th_blog028nora5th_blog029nora5th_blog030nora5th_blog031nora5th_blog032nora5th_blog033nora5th_blog034nora5th_blog035nora5th_blog036nora5th_blog037nora5th_blog038