audre rae photography


Mathias & Kiley

  I feel strongly about the the importance of human connection and my photography - I feel if you have a difficult time connecting with the person holding the camera, you will see it in the image, in the face and the body language. I want the people in front of my lens to forget about the camera and just hang out with me. With Mathias and Kiley this came easy, for we have a friendship to fall on, so when we decided to make this session about hanging out, building a fire, drinking some beer and in-between and during all that documenting the process, allowing moments to happen naturally instead of forced. I am so excited for these two, their love is ridiculous -- the first few times I hung out with these two together, I felt like they were never not be each others side, and to me, that is the best way to be with your partner.

You two have already started your life together, you have started this great adventure years ago and now you two are going to celebrate such a wonderful love.