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Lisa and Evan's Backyard Wedding

It always takes me a bit to figure out what to write about when I post wedding blogs - I’m a storyteller with my images and it’s hard for me to write out my thoughts and feelings about each wedding I get invited to. Each wedding I get asked to photograph is unique and I’m only a tiny part of it - my role is to document what is happening, I try to stay out of the way and I try to keep my camera shooting all day long - every moment is a story - every person invited to be apart of the wedding has their own story, know the couple somehow whether it’s since college, high school or since they were born. Lisa and Evan’s wedding was such a wonderful day to be apart of, the space was the backyard of Gila - Lisa’s mother - the space where Lisa grew up and the garden that Gila has been working on for years was the backdrop to this day. The radar showed it was going to rain all day but the sky opened up in the afternoon for a perfect sunny day. I am so grateful for my role on wedding days and I’m so thankful Evan and Lisa had me be apart of their wedding day.

Kaylee & Nate's Wedding

4 weeks before Kaylee and Nate’s wedding and they got a call from their wedding venue saying they could no longer host their wedding - that is stressful, yes, maybe even a bit of a nightmare for most, but it all worked out, a wonderful venue happened to have this one date open Bowery Barn - a new and beautiful space. Kaylee and Nate planned a new wedding in just 4 weeks, they exchanged their vows, made everyone cry, had the perfect weather and an epic dance party. When I showed up to start photographing, everything was so calm, everyone was just hanging out and that really was how the whole day felt - not a stress in the world, just two people with their people hanging out and exchanging vows. It was perfect.