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Eliza and Jeff's Summer Camp Wedding

When Jeff and Eliza started to message me about their wedding last year I had just been camping up in Minocqua/Boulder Junction area for the first time ever and I fell in love with that area, I want to spend all my summers there so when these two told me they were getting married and at old boys camp her family owns up in Minocqua I was so excited.

When their wedding day showed up even the rain didn’t ruin this wonderful day and this magical place or anyones mood. I’m honestly getting tears in my eyes reliving this day right now and I wish I could express how special it was to be apart of this day, to meet all of these people, to watch the rain clouds be pushed away by sunshine the more the guests showed up for their ceremony - the moment Eliza’s amazing 100 year old Grandmother showed up and watching her face as she saw all of her family members in one place, I mean seriously, what and amazing thing to witness and document! It’s no secret I love my job and it’s couples and families like this who reassure me that I am doing what I am meant to do. I am so beyond grateful that Eliza and Jeff found my work and trusted me to document their wedding day.