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New Orleans in Film

A few weeks ago Luke and I took to the road and drove to the warmth of New Orleans for a few days for a little vacation. Often times when I am on vacation I find myself working still, photography is my job and also my hobby & passion so I find it difficult to put my camera down, so for this trip I decided to leave my digital cameras and computer behind and just take what I learned on - my little canon that I shot my first 5 weddings on with a 50mm and 3 rolls of film - I took only the good shots, I framed up, focused and decided in that moment if what I saw in the  view finder was worth the space of the roll of film. I took under 100 images, here are some of my favorites  - I still have one roll to develop but I couldn't wait to share.  




Summer in Film

My summer film is in, and now it is time to accept that the chill is in the air and summer is over. As a photographer I try to shoot film often - making myself think about the one frame, instead of taking 10 for that 1. Digital has changed photography and as convenient as it is, specially for the shoots I normally do, there is a part of my that misses film and the challenges it brings. So I try to carry my film camera around with me  and today you will see my summer shots - Starting at my dear friends wedding to a test shoot I did with Alina. I did a film series during my time in Ethiopia, you should check that  post here.

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Ethiopia Through Film

During our time in Ethiopia I took a few rolls of film, and after I got them developed I wished I would have taken more. Below is a collect of my film shots, I only took a few at the Take Root Center but most of them are from our last days in Ethiopia where Luke and I spent it exploring Addis - drinking coffee, searching for cassette stores and wandering the beautiful city.