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The Take Root Staff

This week on Ethiopia Monday I have a collection of images of the staff at the Take Root center. They all were incredibly dedicated, treated us like family and made us feel very welcome.  We worked with them at the center and had lunch every day over at Genet's house - always amazing and always made me eat way more than I needed to.


I find I get emailed for weddings and engagements almost daily, but there is something about getting to photograph one person, as they are. I enjoy spending the afternoon with them, getting to know them and trying to get their true selves out in front of my camera. Now with Hallah, we know each other - so getting her to be her with me was easy, since the friendship was built before we began our shoot. Hallah is a beautiful girl with an amazing laugh and an even amazing smile - she was a joy to work with and just an all around beauty.