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Sonja & Alex's White Sands Engagement Session

When Sonja, Alex and I were discussing their wedding they talked about getting married at the White Sands National Monument but it was becoming too complicated so we decided to meet there for an engagement session instead! They flew from Seattle, I flew from Madison and we met for a quick 30 hour trip with a full day in this beautiful place.

Kaylee & Nathan's Winter Engagement

I met up with Kaylee and Nathan at one of their favorite spots in Madison followed by a walk at Picnic Point on a drizzling, foggy January day and it was kind of perfect. I loved photographing these two, they weren't distracted by my camera at all and enjoyed an afternoon together and I had so much fun! Can't wait for their wedding this summer!

Jessica & Andy's Winter Wedding

It was cold but it didn't matter for these two! Jessica had her eye on this chapel for years knowing that one day she would get married there and on January 6th at sunset she married her best friend next to a roaring fire surrounded by all of their loved ones. I loved this day, a day filled with so much love and joy, there was so much thought put into every moment and Jessica and Andy braved the cold for photographs. After they ceremony in Oshkosh, we all drove to Neenah to Zuppas where the celebration continued with a wonderful meal, beautiful speeches and a table full of homemade pies and chocolates! Jessica and Andy, I am so happy you picked me to document this day, I am so happy for the two of you!

Ari and Matt's California Wedding

I had the privilege to travel out to San Diego, CA to both witness and photograph my dear cousin, Ari's wedding. The intimate gathering of friends and family up on a mountain started with a yoga session followed by arranging bouquets while sipping mimosas and coffee while another group transformed a garage into a fancy dinner location. The community that surrounded this could on this day was beautiful to be apart of and watch, I am so glad I got to welcome Matt to our (crazy) family and dance the night away under the moon with everyone. I am so beyond happy for these two and their great adventure together, with their next big adventure expected top arrive this spring! Congratulations Ari and Matt.

Lisa and Andy

We almost rescheduled because it was a rainy day but I am so glad we risked the rain because we got some cozy photographs of these two! We started this shoot at an Irish Pub Lisa and Andy frequent which is fitting since Andy proposed to Lisa on the recent trip to Ireland. After the Pub, we went to their gym where they both practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and they showed me some moves and then we ended by the lake for the sunset. These two are getting married next September and I cannot wait to get them in front of my camera again!

Lauren and Hernan

It was the day before the wedding and Hernan, the groom, was still in Ecuador because his visa was denied. So when Lauren woke up on the day of their wedding to see rain in the forecast, it didn't bother her because she got word that Hernan was on his way and would be there by the time the first look was scheduled. And that is how the day went, any time there was a hiccup, a delay, a last minute venue change, it didn't matter because they were together. This was my last 2017 wedding so my dearest friend and one of my favorite photographers, Abi from This Is Soul flew in to shoot with me.

Maegan and Matt

Maegan and Matt have been married for 10 years and together for 14 - so it was obviously time to get some photographs to celebrate this life that have built together. Love is a beautiful thing and I'm grateful I get to document it in all of its stages.

Julianne & Nick's Engagement

I decided I want to be more like these two when I grow up, they have a beautiful and inviting home, Julianne weaves on her down time, they have a canoe and I just really enjoy our Tuesday morning together and can't wait for their wedding next summer!

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Elaine and Dan's Milwaukee Wedding

Elaine and Dan got married on a rainy day in early October but the weather didn't change their mood! The day started at the Hilton getting ready followed by a beautiful traditional ceremony at Old St. Mary's and ending with an amazing meal a dance party at the Pritzlaff. These two had no problems playing in the rain (and the insane wind) with me and my second for the day, Brit Higgins and we had so much fun working with them!

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Alyssa & Robb's Engagement Session

I'm going to be honest, when these two announced their engagement I was hoping they would contact me to document their wedding day. So glad they did and so excited to be by their side for their day, I'm so happy I get to witness their vows and celebrate their love with them and their beautiful community that surrounds them. We had a wonderful evening together chasing the sun and making pretty pictures.

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Lang's in the fall

Another season and another session with the Lang family. Elsie turned 1 year old in September and she has already been on the move for a few months, she is loving life and is a joy to spend time with and document.

Tucci Family

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jessica and Joseph my whole time living in Madison, Wi. Joey and Jess were my neighbors when I first moved here at age 19, we grew close and I've got to see their family grow through these 11 years. A few weeks ago I went over to their new home to meet their son, Sergio and spend an afternoon photographing a day in the life of this family.

Maggie and Tim's Library Wedding

Weddings can be stressful for everyone involved but not Maggie and Tim's wedding. From the moment I showed up to the time that I left everything went smoothly and everyone was full of joy, it was a dream to be apart of. These two are dear souls, they picked my favorite place to shoot at, they had a beautiful ceremony led by their Yoga instructor, a meal provided by Heritage and some of the most amazing speeches I've heard this year. I would redo this day it was that good.

Chelly & Mark's Tenney Park Wedding

Chelly and Mark spent the year leading up to their wedding not only planning a wedding but starting the process to adopt a child. A month before the wedding they welcomed their baby girl, Cora into their home and then flew from D.C to Madison to celebrate with their community. This wedding had something different about it, it was about Mark and Chelly and their love for each other  but also about their commitment and love for their child and the journey they were put on to find her. I'm sure you guessed it, I cried a few times at the wedding.

Katherine & John's engagement session

Katherine and John made their engagement session a walk down memory lane - starting with The Mason Lounge, where they had their first official date ending with the Edgewood boardwalks, where John proposed! These two told me they have never gotten their pictures professionally taken, like ever - I think they did a real good job being in front of the camera together and I look forward to being apart of their wedding day this coming spring!


James & Elise's Colorado Wedding

A highlight of my summer was traveling out west to hike in the mountains, spend a few days living in a tiny house and documenting this wedding. I've known Elise since the 3rd grade, so it was very exciting when she contacted me to come shoot her wedding - getting to know these two through this last year has been wonderful, seeing her family and friends again was a nice reunion and this day was perfection. I cried more than the photographer should, I had goosebumps from the way these to love not only each other but their families and their friends - it was an honor to be up on that mountain witnessing their vows.

The Whitty's Adoption Journey

As my sister, Ashlee, and her husband Travis embark on their journey of adoption, they asked me to help them with their adoption book by taking photographs of them on a typical day in the life of the Whitty crew. These two are running a campaign to help offset the price of adoption, any amount will help: In their words:

"you may have noticed Ashlee and I have been absent from social feeds over the past year or so. This was due largest in part to our focus on starting a family. The journey has taken us on many paths— each one packed with various forms of struggle, perseverance, countless life lessons, and above all: personal growth. Through these experiences, Ashlee and I are proud to say we’ve emerged a humbled, more confident husband and wife.

With that said, we are excited to announce that we are currently in the middle of an open, domestic infant adoption process!

Some of you know the adoption process incredibly well and have been an invaluable resource to Ashlee and me. Thank you for your stories, wisdom, foresight and comfort. For those less familiar or new to this news, we have been working with the phenomenal organization Catholic Charities here in Milwaukee to help welcome a little one into our family. We cannot wait for the day we get to introduce him/her to you, and we are beyond blessed knowing that they will be met with the same love and community all of us have cultivated together over the years.

Ashlee and I have been focused on learning as much as we can about adoption, as well as contributing to funding the journey with the means we have. All monetary resources ensure Catholic Charities is able to provide a safe, well-informed decision making process for the birthmother (and/or birthfather), as well as to help educate and properly prepare us for our family’s future.

We have set up a GoFundMe account ( in hopes of offsetting some of these upfront, financial contributions Ashlee & I have dedicated to the process. We know there are a great many deserved causes to align yourselves with—but if you are able, we would greatly appreciate your support! As it goes with any social campaign, simply forwarding our link to others to expand our visibility would be equally as helpful."



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